April 9, 2013 Agenda

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Agenda (MOPSC)
April 9, 2013
Media Center
6-7:30 PM

Parent Council Board Members: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Shannon Williams, Treasurer Terri Warren, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook, and Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard.

Site Council Members: Jean Dudley (co-chair/specialist serving special populations, Lisa Hondros (co-chair/parent), Sara Doty (recorder/content area specialist team), Holly Hatch-Surisook (parent), Julia Janousek (parent), Matthew O’Brien (parent), Alix Herzing (parent), Katie Hedlund-Miller (parent), Donna Sanders (parent alternate), Laura Cayere-King (parent alternate), Sarah Beggs (parent alternate), Alison Hunter (parent alternate), Elizabeth Hawley (parent alternate), Donna Andrews (principal), Kilee Christnagel (kindergarten team), Nicole Khuse (primary team), Sue Maxa (intermediate ¾ team), Marvin Boucher/Linda Zappa/Hauble (intermediate 5/6 team), Mark Hirsch (middle 7/8 team), Krista Eduarte (at - large non-licensed staff), Sidney Orchard (at - large non-licensed staff – shared), Rosemary Schindeldeker (at - large non-licensed staff – shared), Zib Hinz (Community Partner First Congregational Church of MN).
Open Seats: Parents (1 alternate), Students (2)

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from March 12, 2013
III. Committee Reports (5)
IV. Principal Report (5)
V. New Business

1. Classroom Configuration Changes for 2013-2014

VI. Old Business

1. Budget Review
2. Break out into committees:
Open Education (focus on values, precepts, responsive classroom)
Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site Councils (family nights with speakers, recruiting new members to councils, encouraging more parents to participate)
Communication (keeping website current, online bulletin board)

VII. Announcements
VIII. Adjournment