April 9 2013 Minutes


MOPSC Meeting

April 9, 2013
Marcy Media Center
6:00 – 7:30

Agenda for Meeting is approved with the addition of Special Request

Approval of Minutes from last week – the notes were amended at the request of a parent. Amended minutes were approved.

Committee Reports:
April 27th is the MAP Gala and tickets can be purchased on line via the Marcy website. You can find lots of information about this event and how to help out on the website.

Donna wants to thank the committee for finding ways to make it easier for staff to attend this event.

Jackie Dekker – Labyrinth committee chair - The labyrinth is happening and will be starting sometime after the plant sale. We will need volunteers to help make this happen. Try and see if you can volunteer some of your time on weekends to make this happen. If you cannot physically be there you can purchase a brick, help with plants, etc. This is an ongoing fundraiser for the school. The first wave is for the labyrinth fundraising if for the actual structure, the second is for the landscaping, and the third is for raising money for student activities and residencies. Feel free to contact Jackie Dekker with any questions.

Donna wants to thank Jackie for all her hard work on this up hill battle with the labyrinth.

Marcy received an Award from the U of M from the Multicultural Center for our Excellence. We have had many students from the U that volunteer.

The family dinner is next week and we hope to see you all here. Make sure you stay so that you can see the Talent show at the end of the evening. The talent show will start at 7 PM.

This Thursday we will be having another Somali and Latino family night for families to meet with staff and administration and ask questions.

We will be also starting CEPO here at Marcy for any family that is interested and it will be offered in three languages (Somali, Spanish, and English).

New Business:

Budget – Next year we are expected have about 20 more students next fall. The money that we receive for each student has been reduced so therefore we have more students and less money.

We were cut $176,000.00 and we tried to figure out if we could keep everything we currently have for the next year and it wasn’t possible.

The budget committee worked hard to keep the cuts away from classrooms, though everyone here affects our students.

The district is still saying there could be more money coming throughout the summer.

• Social Work was reduced from 1.0 to .4
• AEs were reduced by 1 staff person
• Media specialist was cut from 1.0 to .6
• French was a required class is now going to be an elective class it is reduced from .9 to .4

Are kids going to be at a disadvantage when they go to high school without a language?

Where cuts made equitable across the district?

We were given money to increase our K program to 3 full day Kindergarten classrooms.

K-8s do not receive the same amount of money that a straight middle school and therefore we cannot maintain everything a middle school has in our small middle school.

How would we prioritize any monies that we get prior to the start of the new school year? Donna would call the committee back together to re-look at the budget.

Several parents wanted to put a plug in for Diane and all that she does here at school. What can we do as parents do to help raise funds?

Who can parents contact to let the district know that they don’t agree with what is happening to our students? We want to develop the whole child. The district seems to only care about the tests.

The district is working to cut 25 million out of our budget.

Classroom Configuration for 2013-2014

This year we were labeled a Focus school that means that we didn’t meet certain criteria.

We are charged with making sure that every student makes a years growth. The state is looking to make sure that even is a student is above or below grade level they need to make at least one years growth.

The state looks at how well we are closing the achievement gap, if students are passing the MCAs, and if all students are making a years growth.

We have been looking at the data to help guide our instruction and help all students move forward.

Currently in our multiage classrooms we have chosen one grade level curriculum to focus on for a year. For example in the 3rd and 4th grade, the students are all in their grade level math class but for other content areas they are using the 3rd grade curriculum guides.

Elementary teachers have an incredible hard job to do each day. They are expected to be masters of all the content areas and know the standards for those content areas.

We will be going to looping from multiage. Here is how it will look:

3 - K classrooms (no looping)

3 – 1st grade classrooms – looping

3 – 2nd grade classrooms – looping

3 – 3rd grade classrooms – looping

3 – 4th grade classrooms – looping

4 – 5th and 6th grade classrooms but students will attend grade level content area classes

4 – 7th and 8th grade classrooms but students will attend grade level content area classes

The standards all have the similar strands at each grade level but different levels of complexity.

Next year teachers will be teaching the grade level of math that they taught this year.

What would we be losing if we go to looping?
• Role model as the older student in the room
• Various grade level friends
• The multiage weaving the community together

We will continue to be a Responsive Classroom school.

We will continue to create multiage experiences for our students such as Buddies.

Possibly we could do multiage through our MAP residencies.

We are trying to ensure that all students get what is best for them.

Are the teams configured in the best ways? We don’t know who for sure will be teaching what since we have a couple of spots open and there could be cuts of non-tenured teachers. We will have to wait and see what happens at the district level.

Donna welcomes your thoughts, concerns, and questions. Feel free to contact her at anytime.

There will be a listening session on April 23rd, 2013 for anyone who would like to attend. Donna will be here to listen along with Michael Thomas our area superintendent, Jason Sellars our SIS (school improvement specialist), and Maria Rollinger our IS (instructional support).

Next month Greg Krueger will be here from 6-7 to talk about Progressive Education/Open Education and then there will be a band concert at 7 PM.