2019 Artist Residencies

The Artist-in-Residency programs at Marcy Open are funded by the Marcy Arts Partnership. Funds are raised at our Annual Marcy Arts Gala, held in the Spring. The funds raised at the Marcy Arts Gala go directly to the arts programming.  Here is a list of our amazing residencies that we had for the 2018-2019 school year.

Kindergarten - Folk Dance & Song - Robin Nelson

Robin Nelson intertwines friendship and kindness through music, dance, rhyming, and literacy in this residency. A variety of cultures and musical movement activities are represented each from a different continent. At the end of the residency each classroom hosts a dance party for students to share what they have learned and dance with their parents and family members.


1st Grade - Theater/Performance - Taous Khazem

Performing artist Tauos Khazem will teach a create-a-play style intertwining the environment and biographies of well-known historical figures that will culminate in a performance.


2nd Grade - Rockin the Decades - Katy Hays & Chellie Brown

Students study history through the lens of music and pop culture with Katy Hays and Chellie Brown. At the end of this 15-week music residency students preform iconic songs from each era with a LIVE band.


3rd grade - Puppetry -Mark Safford

Puppeteers Mark Safford and Dan Polnau will utilize storytelling, movement, and painting to create a large-scale dragon literally powered by the 3rd grade students. 


4th grade - Book Arts/ Journals - Olli Johnson (Minnesota Center for Book Arts)

Artist Olli Johnson introduced the 4th grade classes to the world of the book arts by creating handmade personal journals. After the class, students filled the journals with writings and drawing that will be on display at the Annual Writers' and Artists' Fair. 


5th grade – Inspiration In Motion-Skate Board Painting- MARK RIVARD

 “Inspiration In Motion”, is an engaging program designed to grab the attention of students and harness creativity in a fast paced world of opportunity.  Using skateboards as a cultural tool and canvas, combined with Mark Rivard’s unique path into his own career successes to highlight the advantages of dreaming big.


6th grade - Stop Motion Animation - Walker Art Center

Throughout the Fall, arts educators from the Walker Art Center worked with 6th grade classes to create stop motion animation films. To culminate the residency, the entire 6th grade class traveled to the museum to watch their videos screened in the Walker's Cinema.


7th grade and 8th grade - Comics & Illustration - Dennis Lo

Comic book artist Dennis Lo will introduce students to the creation of Manga comics, narrative structure through the combination of images and words, and develop skills in cartooning and character development.