MPS Citywide ASD Program at Marcy

MPS Citywide ASD Program

The Citywide Autism program is designed to serve students who have been identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorders. Program components include highly structured, individualized programming, intensive communication and language training, social skills training, utilization of natural environments for instruction, positive behavioral programming, educationally-based sensory activities, as appropriate, and inclusion with general education peers and activities when appropriate.

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Student Placement

For placement in the Citywide ASD program, students must be eligible to receive special education services. A comprehensive educational evaluation with current student educational needs must be completed.

Program placement is determined by Citywide ASD district program facilitators based on student needs as identified by current evaluation and intervention results and busing zone. In accordance with Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) governing principles, students often are served by building special education support. Increasingly complex needs may lead to referral or placement in a Citywide ASD program.

While parents and the IEP team can indicate a school like Marcy Open, site placement is also based on space availability.


Beth Wallin-Ralles,

Citywide ASD Services



We offer students a variety of settings and supports. Large motor and organizing sensory stimulation, along with personal care skills, can be provided as needed.


We work to ensure that all students meet personalized learning objectives that can include elements of the general academic curriculum, as well as other key skills in the areas of independent functioning and social relations known to be important for long-term success. Participation in the various academic opportunities varies according to the decisions of the IEP team. Eligible student can participate in talent development clusters and English Language (EL) services.

Speech/Language & Related Services

Students may also be eligible to receive additional special education support with speech/language, adapted physical education, music therapy and/or occupational therapy with Anne Klees, Ryan Anderson, Mark Burnett, and Karen Sevigny respectively.

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