August 19, 2011 Minutes


Leadership Meeting

August 19, 2011
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Minutes of Meeting

Present – Jean, Sidney, Barb, Shannon, Jan, Lisa, Donna, Holly, Carl, Elizabeth

Approval of Agenda - YES

Approval of Minutes from May 23, 2011 Meeting

Committee Reports

New Business
• Welcome and Introductions
• Election of co-chairs, secretary, and time keeper –DELAYED
• Set Meeting Schedule
• Review Hopes and Dreams – What do we want to work on this year? – DELAYED
• Membership on Leadership & Establish committees/task forces to work on specific items

• On filling in membership gaps in the Leadership Committee
• On reworking the constitution to meet our current needs
• On committees and task forces and what we should be doing
• On what is driving the Leadership and what are our tasks (how does it fit with OPEN)

Parent reps for Leadership (so far) – Julie, Shannon, Holly, Lisa, and Elizabeth is the alternate

Parent council is interested in having some joint meetings with Leadership.
Maybe every-other meeting.
Parents would like to not meet before 5 PM.
Parent council meets monthly.
Tuesday is a good night for parents

Team Leaders would be leadership representatives and have some extra responsibilities. There might be some compensation.

The Constitution is an issue for some and the language can be viewed in many ways.

Donna will gather information about how others have updated or created a Constitution.

Our first agenda item for the New Year might be creating a new Constitution and/or update the one we have.

One large group meeting once a month and task forces meeting on once a month as needed.

Let’s have a happy and inviting first meeting.

6:00-7:30 Leadership meetings

Second Tuesdays of the month except February due to Valentine’s Day

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council

See who wants to be elected for specific jobs.

What are the jobs that are up re-election?
• Co-chair parent for leadership
• Co-chair staff for leadership
• Time keeper
• Note taker
• 2 parents leadership representatives
• 5 alternates for parents for leadership

Teams need to pick representatives
• 2 at-large non-license Staff (Sidney, Rosemary, and/or Tamsen)
• 1 content area specialists
• 1 specialists serving special populations
• Elizabeth is working with a community member to be our representative
• Business partner (Alyssa Brigg’s husband works for General Mills)
• Student Council Rep. to attend meetings (Diane Schmitz can help us facilitate this. Student council is comprised by 3rd through 8th grade.)

Agenda for next meeting:
• Voting
• Defining Site and Parent council (chairs speak)
• Marcy 101 – Donna will put together
• Hopes and Dreams – Review last years
• Create our sub groups (maybe to this second meeting)

  • Teach about Marcy through a Responsive Classroom Model (could be repeated throughout the year) (Barb will contact a parent about doing some technological work. She will have the parent about working with Parent/Site Council.
  • Making PRIDE more alive in the building
  • Open School
  • Acronym sheet for parents – we are an open school and the acronyms work with us as an open school.
  • Carl is going to be working on a document to explain PBIS, PRIDE, RTI, and RC/DD are working together
  • Family nights with speakers to help everyone understand

Barb, Jan, and Jean will take care of snacks and beverages for the first meeting.

Nametags for each night