August 28, 2010 Board Minutes

Minutes Parent Council Board Meeting
August 26, 2010
7:00pm, Wilde Roast

Chair Julia Janousek, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Treasurer Amy Orris, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard, Jackie Dekker (Labyrinth Project)

Item 1:  Labyrinth Project

We want to be compliant with PCI DSS.
Need a single vendor for all Marcy projects.
Action:  Amy, Tamara, Jackie will meet to come up with a recommendation for PC September 2 meeting.

GOAL:  Get all accounts together under one Parent Council umbrella
Need to figure out bank accounts; set up an account for the Labyrinth
Signers will be:  Sidney or Julia, both signatures for anything over $500
Fundraising goal is $17,000 - $25,000; any excess will go to global charities
Purpose:  extend Marcy’s global reach

Item 2:  Meeting Schedule

Action:  Approved schedule with alternating days of the week
Thursday, September 2
Tuesday, October 5
Thursday, November 4
Wednesday, December 1
(Thursday, January 6)
Tuesday, February 1
Wednesday, March 2
Thursday, April 7
Tuesday, May 3
(Wednesday, June 1)

 Item 3: Create a budget proposal.

Last year we didn’t raise as much as projected.  Proposed budget will be the same with minor adjustments to fundraising expectations.  Diane Schmidt (social worker) should get some money.
Action:  Amy will bring a proposed budget to September meeting

Item 4: September 2 Agenda

Elect 2 new Leadership reps and up to four alternates
Ending terms on leadership:  Lisa Hondros, Jennifer McComas
Terms with one year left:  Jackie Dekker
Leadership liaison (Sarah Tittle)
Presentation of proposed budget for discussion and vote
Brainstorm Ideas for Future Meetings– e.g. Learning styles; Curriculum night in conjunction with Leadership Council

Item 5:  Tax Policies and Procedures

Action:  Authorized Amy to contact our accountant Jeanne Brose at Lottsa Financial

Adjourned  8:00pm

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (secretary)