August 31, 2012

Hello Families,

We've made it through our first week. It is fun to see how much more children talk after knowing one another for a couple of days!  

Today, we noticed a change in our Monarchs...we have tiny caterpillars. We are learning how to observe and record (draw) like scientist using the same colors we see.  This can be tricky for kindergartner that likes colors other than green and cream.  We talked about our 'hopes and dreams' for kindergarten and what we hope to learn while we are at school.  There is a parent piece to this activity that you will find in your friday folder. Please notice the cloud in the Friday folder. Take your time to write down your 'dream' for your child and decorate the cloud. The cloud will be posted in our room all year long. 

FRIDAY FOLDERS:  The folder that came how today is called a 'Friday Folder.' This folder comes home every Friday or the last day of the school week and will be filled with precious work or important papers. Please take your time to look through the folder.  Sometimes there will be paperwork for you to complete in the folder.  The folders are due BY the following Friday (or last day of the school week). 

BACKPACKS: We noticed today that some students have small backpacks and the folder will not fit into the backpack. Please consider getting a larger backpack so the folder (and other belongings) can fit in it with ease. This helps the student remain independent at pack up time and increases the likeliness that their belongings will make it home.

VOLUNTEERS:  In a few weeks a note will go home with specific times we need help in the classroom, however, we are looking for a couple volunteers that can help us prepare materials for our students  and classroom.  This would involve sorting, pulling workbook pages out of workbooks, stickering books, cutting out patterns etc... If you have time to volunteer in the next week or two for these purposes, please email me what would work with your schedule. 

BROWN ENVELOPE: If you have not returned your brown envelope, please do so by TUESDAY.  Please notice that some papers are back to back.  If you receive papers back that look familiar in next week's Friday folder it is because both sides weren't completed.

WATER BOTTLES: Thank you to the families who sent water bottles. Your child is welcome to leave the water bottle here all week and I have all students take them home on Friday to be washed.  You can always send the water bottle empty and they can fill them here in the morning. If your child only likes cold water (like me) you can send just ice in the water bottle in the morning and they can fill it with water in class. This may help if the water bottle is getting things wet.

NEEDED: I am looking for 10 empty frosting containers. We use them in our table totes to hold supplies.  Please send any empty frosting containers in that you may have over the next few weeks.

TIE-DYE FRIDAYS:  Every Friday is Tie-Dye Friday.  Encourage your child to wear tie-dye clothing on Fridays!

Please let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns.  

Have a GREAT 3 day weekend!

Kilee Christnagel
Kindergarten Teacher
Marcy Open School