School Supplies and Wishlist

School Supplies: We are asking families to donate $10-$20 for classroom supplies rather than buying them. This way we can prevent waste and purchase needed items throughout the school year. Please also consider sending along scholarship money for school supplies to cover other families who can’t contribute. Checks can be given to classroom teachers during open house, or the first week of school.

Please consider donating any amount of money to a great cause for our classroom! Most supplies, extra furniture, and learning enhancers in the classroom are supplied by the classroom teacher. When there is a big project I want to take on, I often create a project with to help supply these items. This is a great foundation that helps teachers get the things they need to be the best teacher to your child. Check out my current project by clicking the link above!

Currently: No current project in the works: stay tuned!


Throughout the year families often ask if there is anything I need. I've developed a classroom "wishlist" of items that we could use in our classroom, but that are not required school supplies.  I will be updating this wishlist often as our needs change.  Amazon has made it easy to create a wishlist you can check out online.  I have listed the quantity needed for the classroom, but please do not feel obligated to purchase that quantity (anything helps)!  Also, feel free to donate the money needed and I can do all the dirty work for you!  Thank you so much for your devotion and generosity to help all our students feel at home in their home away from home this year.