Beginning of the Year Info

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Here are some tips and information to help ease the transition back into the school year.

Tips for a Successful First Week of School
1. Please be sure that your child is aware of how he is going home at the end of the school day. Your child needs to know:
  • If they’re taking the bus and what bus number they take.
  • If they’re being picked up. The students are dismissed at 3:05 from the classroom.  The official parent pick up location for the whole building is by the Big Rock in the front and to the north side of the school. This area is supervised, please make sure they know this and email me this information as well).
  • If they’re going to Mpls. Kids and what days they do this.
Please be sure to call the office with SAME DAY changes to the end of the day transportation.  Phone messages and email are not reliable in this situation because they may not be received until the end of the school day.
2. Please make sure that your child is aware of whether they are having a home or school lunch each day. Your child needs to know…
  • If they’re taking a school lunch, what’s on the menu each day?  (This alleviates the anxiety of your child not finding a choice they like.)
  • Their lunch PIN #.
  • If your child has home lunch, your child may purchase milk with the lunch PIN #.
3. We will have a peanut-free snack daily. Feel free to bring in snack as you see fit for your child, and donate as you can. I will let you know when we get low on snack via email and our classroom newsletter.
Keep in touch with me throughout the year! Communication is key to make this the most successful year possible for your child. Ask your child about their day every day. What do they feel great about? What don’t they feel so great about? Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about the first week of school, and anytime moving forward!
Interested in volunteering? Once we get settled in after the first few weeks, I will send home more information with volunteering opportunities. We LOVE volunteers and they are a crucial piece to the way we run our classroom!