The Community School Collaborative (CSC)


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Est. 2014


What: The Community School Collaborative (CSC) is a joint project of Change Inc. and Guadalupe Alternative Programs (GAP) providing prevention, early intervention and mental health services, including:


·         Individual counseling, Family, and Group therapy

·         Youth development and skill building

·         Individual Mentoring

·         Mental Health, Community, and Cultural consultation

·         Diagnostic Assessment

·         Treatment Planning

·         Student/peer mediation



Who: The CSC is staffed by licensed mental health professionals, mental health practitioners who are supervised by board approved clinical supervisors and Community Cultural Specialists. David Hesse, MA, LMFT, is the Lead Therapist; Heidi Schlewitz-Krueger, MA, LMFT is a therapist; Andre Gray is the Community Cultural Specialist; Hannah Berg, MA, is an extern pursuing licensure; and Sarah Parker is a graduate level intern at Bethel.


Children and teens may be referred to the CSC due to behaviors and emotions that seem extreme or inhibit their ability to be fully successful in school or at home.


Where: Services are provided at school during the school day, in out-of-school time in the community, and before/after school including in-home services.


How: School staff can make referrals and parents can directly request services through Kate Clayton, Ph.D., school psychologist (229A,, #612-668-1020, ask for Kate Clayton).


We can be reached directly at:


Phone: 612-668-1032 (ext. 32732)

Room 123B (in the Media Center by the printer)