December 11, 2012 Minutes

MOPSC Meeting

December 11, 2012

Approval of Minutes
Approval of Agenda

Managing Diabetes at Marcy – Andrea the nurse sent out the entire list of students with medical issues to all ALC staff. Andrea has information to share with MOPSC about policies and procedures with regards to students with medical issues. We will ask Andrea to speak at our February meeting to speak to the waiver issue for privacy with regards to medical issues.

Staff Development Committee – Specialists and AEs are working on RC – The Power of Our Words. Several teams have worked together for a day or ½ day on curriculum and planning and we have also granted several individual requests to staff.

Principal’s Report – Students have been doing well with the new snow.
We are working on our Lunchroom and Recess procedures after spending time with an RC consultant. AEs are now covering lunch and the teachers cover recess. This allows us to have all classroom teachers out at recess offering games and various options.

Bikes – We had about 200 students receive free bikes from Free Bikes 4 Kids. Thanks to staff who helped out students get these bikes.

Clothes/Gift Cards – We have been getting donation for students in need of winter wear and clothing and staff have been donating gift cards for families in need this season.

Concern brought up about 5/6 mini-middle school model. Kids in 5th grade might not be ready for this and some wish they had one more year of elementary school. It seems very rushed for kids to transition from one class to another, they don’t spend much time with their homeroom teachers; this might be a big leap for a 10 year olds. Donna is planning on surveying the 5th and 6th grade students about this new model in January and again in the spring. Can the students have a few more minutes for passing time? It seems that they have very little time. Donna thinks they have 3 minutes for transitioning from class to class. They are holding kids accountable to be on time.

Is this what we want for out kids? Are the reasons why we are doing this written down so we can see if it is working? What are our goals? Are we meeting our goals? There is a 5th and 6th grade newsletter for parents now to keep up to date. Is this the right thing for our 5th grade students? They will rise to the occasion but we don’t want kids turned off of school.

We might want to see if others are having issues with this via the Parents Press. Maybe we can work to fine tune this instead of dropping it and saying it didn’t work.

Carl has been out ill for a long time and he continues to be out ill. He is home and missing being here with us. Karen Pederson has been here as Carl’s substitute AP and she will be leaving us at the end of the week. We might have a new substitute AP starting soon.

Sports and Inclusiveness at Marcy – It is not possible to expand the official number of members of teams. The district allows 15 students per team and the district only pays for one coach. We will need to continue this conversation to see if we can get parents or others to volunteer to have intermural teams or other options for kids who want to be involved in sports.

Committees within MOPSC –

Inclusion – Rebecca got a grant to cover the costs of PACER Puppets to come to the school. It is about inclusion and kids against bullying. ¾ team will see the “Count Me In” play and more students will be able to see the Kids Against Bullying. The K students will see the Puppets in January.

Tomorrow night our Inclusion Night is at 6:30 with Horton Hears a Who for the K-4 students and Including Samuel 5-8. We welcome everyone to attend.

Communications – The Marcy Pages needs to be updated due to old software. Maybe we might want to gather more information about going paperless and having this document on line. This is an expensive document to print. Could we have it online and then offer a paper copy for sale? Sue Maxa will find out what Dowling does? We can check with Nina to see how her son’s school does their online address book.

Parent’s Council would like to send Carl a card. Please sign it so we can send it to Carl.