December 13, 2011 Minutes

December 13, 2011
Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting
6:00 p.m.

Media Center

Agenda was approved.
Minutes from last meeting approved.

Committee Reports:
MAP - Clay Squared raised over $700.00 for MAP, need people to work on the food for the GALA so if you know anyone or are interested in helping with this contact a MAP representative, MAP is taking donations for the GALA and there are forms that can be filled out on the artist and piece of work.

Climate - Last week was Inclusive week here at Marcy. All the students were able to see the Amazing Jeffo, hear books on inclusion read by U of M volunteers, and to see the movie "Including Samuel". Donna would like to have Julie Young-Burns come and speak to this committee on bullying and invite other parents to attend. This would be similar to the presentation that Marcy Staff attended earlier in the year. Committee voted to have this happen and Elizabeth Hawley will contact her to set this up.

Last year students had a Gay/Straight Alliance at school. Those students are interested in having this group this year. Students have approached Donna about this group and starting this up again. Diane Schmitz will be the adult who will work with these students along with three volunteers from the U of M. Donna is going to put this in the Parent's Press. The first meeting is next week for 7th and 8th graders and we hope to include 6th graders in future meetings as families have a chance to talk about this.

Principal's Report - Everyone should have received the robo-call about Instrumental Music being on hold until we find a new teacher. We are interview candidates for this position and this program will begin again after winter break. The position is a .6 and will be M-F from 10:30 - 3:15. Students will be pulled for instrumental music and lessons during their prep time. Kids can stay in with instrument they are currently playing or possible switch. This will be a new day in the music program.

Somali parent meeting - This happened at the end of November and we had Parent Council members to attend to try and encourage and welcome families to attend our Leadership meetings. At the Somali family night we discussed homework, testing, and answered questions from families. Many families were confused about reading the test scores and we were able to help them understand the data. It was great to reach out to families and help them in our school program.

Sub-Committee Reports:
Open - Have a spot in the Parent's Press about what open is and where it is happening in the school. They will have a spot on the website for information about open and to create podcasts about open.
Outreach - Having a cultural event on the Thursday of the Book fair, trying to get some after-school classes involved to see how this will look. Working with classroom reps to contact more families to get involved in our school.

Communication - Website wishes - up-to-date information, current pictures, newsletters, short bio, homework information, field trip slips, daily blog or a few times a week. Noticed that the room numbers are not correct for teachers like Joy. Get directions for how to use the calendar, a donate button for Marcy, a calendar link on the homepage and directions for using it. Eve would like us to take pictures of events or field trips she would like you to share them with her and she can get them on our site and on classroom pages. If you can get the names of students in the picture to her that would be very helpful. She can be reached at

Carl - SIP update our school improvement goals are to improve the number of students who meet or exceed the academic standards in reading and math. We are also working to decrease the number of students who are suspended from school. The Marcy staff is working to improve the learning for students through our work in professional development and in our professional learning communities. The focus of your work is reading and math. We continue to strive to differentiation to meet the varying needs of our students.

Concern is that we are not following this plan. We are not providing parents with resources/strategies for math and reading in our Parent's Press. Why are we focusing on Somali students when the goal is for African American students? We need to fix the wording in that cell to African American students or ELL students.

Dinkytown post office might be closing and the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association would like our support in opposing this action. They would like this committee's support in this effort. Jean would be willing to right a letter of support for this issue from our committee.

Next meeting will move to January 17th since the 24th is a voting day.

Target/Ellen DeGeneres grant opportunity. Anyone can submit a compelling story on why our school needs help. Our school could receive $100,000 grant.

Book Fair in the spring (April 26th and 27th) needs a new person to take over this position since Elizabeth Hawely is unable to do this. Elizabeth is willing to be on the committee and help support this event. Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in taking this over.

Plant sale could use volunteers for this event. The committee meets monthly, January through April. This is a low stress commitment. Need help with pre-sale, during sale, and after sale help. Is there anything else that this committee would like to see at the Plant Sale this year? The French club has been involved along with other groups.

Thank yous from yearbook committee for the camera and teachers thanking for treats during conferences.