December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012
Happy December,

Good news, we are down to 14-15 minutes to get dressed and undressed. Ya hoo!!

*Reminder: There are no after school classes next week. If your child usually stays for after school classes, please email me how they will be getting home.  After school classes start back up on Jan. 7.

**Thank you for the coin donations.  We have enough and the kids have been learning how to trade with them.

***We need 28 cereal boxes by Thursday (no cereal, just the box). Please HELP!

Our week at a glance:
Reading: comparing books-character, setting, ending: we have 1 more week to our gingerbread unit.  I’ve started retesting students and will reconfigure reading groups for the third time when we return in January.  We keep the groups very fluid and try to move students as they are ready to always provide just the right amount of challenge. It has been a thrill to see the reading growth!
Math: We are working on beginning addition (you will notice some work coming home in the Friday folder).  We worked on different ways to make sets and began language on number sentences (i.e. 2 and 3 is 5).
Writing: We are writing letters. Thank you to the families who sent in an envelope so your student can mail a letter to a friend or relative.
Social Studies: We are still in our “Families, Time and Culture” unit.  One of the standards for this unit is for your child to recite the days of the week and months of the year.  We sing songs to help us. Have your child sing them to you and then ask, “What are the days of the week?” “What are the months of the year?”  Vocabulary introduced so far in this unit: past, present, future, morning, afternoon, evening.  Ask your child, “What do you do in the morning?” “ ….afternoon?” “….evening?” 
Science: Finishing the paper unit early next week.  Will go back to gym/art rotation. Please remember to pack tennis shoes!

Sharing: Many children report that their mom didn’t put their sharing in their backpack and therefore have nothing to share. I’ve informed the students that I don’t want their mom to share, I want them to share and so it is there responsibility.  I’ve introduced a strategy to the students to help them know when to prepare for sharing. Find a place to post the sharing calendar. Have them cross out the days as they pass. When they see they are getting close, they can put what they want to share in their backpack.  It is fine to have it in there early! (I also let them do a ‘make up’ the next day if they forget.)

Field Trip Lottery:  The 2 parents who were selected for the Children’s Theater field trip are: Dana (Lewis) and Crystal (Josie).  All the parents names were put into a basket and drawn.  We had a huge interest for this field trip, I’m sorry we didn’t have space for everyone.

Next week: 
Monday: Science, Target book give away
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Gym, gingerbread houses
Friday: Art, Big Buddies
Sounds this week: Q and D
Sight (star) words: go, here

Volunteers: Thank you to Hultman, Andrea, Kathleen, Lora and Sarah for volunteering for our gingerbread house making on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 1:50. See you then!

Friday Folders- Handwriting homework for the letters Q and D. I am sending home a paper that shows how to form letters (a lot of students are lifting up or starting from the bottom). On the opposite side you will see the ‘number poems’ which might be fun and helpful when working with your child. Also, you will find a 20 frame for your child to complete----please use the handout on how to form numbers to help your child practice it the correct way. We all know how hard it is to break old habits!

Items Needed- 
White  and color cardstock/index paper
*****28 cereal boxes (empty, I just need the boxes in tact)*******
6 boxes of graham cracker (for our houses)
4 tubs of white icing (for our houses)

Have a great weekend,