December 3, 2009

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2009
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair and Marcy Family Network facilitator); Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative); Sidney Orchard (family and community liaison)
Admin/teachers present: Donna Andrews, Garrett Petrie (autism program)


1. Second Step Presentation – canceled because of illness
2. Principal’s Report
a. School going well; about 30 students over capacity; FRL count issue of concern because of potential loss of financial support through Title I money; this year 42.5 %, if we go down to about 40%, we will lose significant portion of funding; important to get all eligible families to turn in forms and have worked hard on getting this done.
b. MAP school wide project almost completed; Layl McDill has kids working with polymer clay; looking for place to display the tiles.
c. Addressing Safety:
Parent raised safety concern: 6 year-old child supposed to be put on the bus; teacher did not get her on the bus; she sat outside and waited; people disappeared; she couldn’t get in the door; outside alone for about 20-30 minutes. Finally picked up by Sue (Mpls Kids) and taken to the office; office only had home phone, not cells; has happened TWICE – she was almost put on the bus when her mother was there to pick her up.
POLICY RESPONSE: Staff will stay out until last child is gone.

3. Secretary’s Report
a. Update on Parent Council filing requirements
b. Move to adopt Resolution #1
Resolution #1: Be it resolved that the Marcy Parent Council approves the content of the Charitable Organization Annual Report and all its attachments to be filed with the MN Attorney General’s Office for the year ending June 30, 2008.
ACTION: Motion adopted.
c. Move to adopt Resolution #2
Resolution #2: Be it resolved that Marcy Parent Council authorizes Secretary Lisa Hondros to sign and file the Marcy Parent Council tax return for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007.
ACTION: Motion adopted.
4. Leadership Report
Topics at last meeting included possible adoption of Effort Rubric. Thinking about how to communicate values of the school, e.g. if you try hard you get smarter (i.e. effort pays off); Leadership thinking about how to incorporate this into Marcy, perhaps in connection with PBIS.

5. Special Requests
a. Gretchen Nichols for Junior Great Books
Gretchen shared information about the program. Currently 7 volunteers and 109 students in the program (grown from 2 volunteers and 33 students in 05-06 school year). 16 volunteers have expressed an interest in getting JGB training. Need financial support to get training. Partnered with Lake Harriet and obtained $1500 from Achieve Minneapolis. Need $250 to match the grant.
ACTION: Special Request granted.

b. Teachers Polly and Lisa requesting $225 for transportation for a MAP printmaking project.
ACTION: Delayed until we have more budget info; hard to make this allocation for only two classes without knowing more; could potentially use their own classroom funds; could ask parents in the room for contributions.

6. Changing School Options
Discussion of high school redesign, South Open and implications for open ed in general.

7. Inclusion Week Summary
Viewing a documentary (about a family and the school experience of a son with cerebral palsy) and having discussions with students.

Formal business meeting adjourned at 8:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)