December 7, 2012

Happy December,

Becky leaves us until we return in January. Beginning in January, Becky will be here every day for the rest of the year. We are really excited about this.

We also have an assistant teacher, Krista, who has been with us all year for Reader’s Workshop but will now be with us all day until 1:15 (recess). Krista is a very welcomed addition to our classroom.  The extra teacher allows for us to reach more students and differentiate even more in core subject areas.

Our week at a glance:
Reading: comparing books-character, setting, ending: we have 2 more weeks to our gingerbread unit. It is amazing how many different versions there are.  
Math: We are working on beginning addition (you will notice some work coming home in the Friday folder).  We worked on different ways to make sets and began language on number sentences (i.e. 2 and 3 is 5).
Writing: We ended our personal narrative unit with our author’s celebration.  We had 3 birthday books to write this week too! We begin our letter writing unit next week. Please see the Friday folder for more information.
Social Studies: We started working on our “Long ago and today” unit.  You will see a few projects for you and your child in the Friday folder.
Science: Working on the paper unit, what is made of paper, where paper comes from, how to make paper, how to make paper products.

Next week: 
Monday: Science
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: Science
Thursday: Science
Friday: Science
Sounds this week: i and k
Sight (star) words: get, got, can

Volunteers: Thank you to Hultman, Andrea, Kathleen, Lora and Sarah for volunteering for our gingerbread house making on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 1:50. See you then!

Friday Folders- Handwriting homework for the letters I and k. I did not send home math homework since there are 2 activities for you to do for social studies this week. Also, you will see an envelope that you will need to clearly address so your child can write a letter to someone special and mail it to them. (parents, please be the ones to do the writing on the envelope).

Treasure books- Please know that treasure book check out is an independent activity that your child does. It is their responsibility to take their treasure book bag out, put the book where it belongs and select a new book.  I have a ‘suggestion’ sticker on their bag for the level of books that would be ‘just right’ for them to pick. If your child is coming home unable to read the book with more than 3-4 helps, the book is too hard. Please check to see that they are choosing the right level and coach them on selecting just right books. If you find that the books are repeatedly too easy, let me know. (Please note, that if your child reads really slow, yet knows all the words, it may be of value for them to continue to read easier books until they build up fluency and can read the books at their level more quickly and smoothly.)

Items Needed- 
White paper plates (for gingerbread houses)
White cardstock/index paper
28 cereal boxes (empty, I just need the boxes in tact).
6 boxes of graham cracker (for our houses)
6 tubs of white icing (for our houses)
1 box of mini candy canes.

Have a great weekend,