February 12, 2013 Minutes

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Joint Meeting Minutes

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2013
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Approval of Agenda: agenda approved
Approval of Minutes from 1/8/12: approved
Committee Reports:
MAP – has hired a new coordinator for MAP at it is Elizabeth Hawley

Climate – February 21st there will be a follow up meeting for Parents/Guardians interested in attending. This will be at the Crescent Moon and there will be childcare at Edison High School.

Family Movie Night is tomorrow evening from 6-8 pm. There is a movie for adults and one for students.

Principal Report:
Ahmed has been on staff for 7 years. He brings a perspective of a parent of Marcy and as a member of the Somali community. He is our liaison to our Somali families and he is working to help us increase our numbers at MOPSC meetings.

Donna and Ahmed have been working with families on how to best support our students as they navigate our education system.

Donna doesn’t have any new information on the budget. She did share a preliminary budget, which left us similar to last year. There has been talk that there will be cuts district wide but that they are trying to keep them away from schools.

• Donna’s wish list is a guidance counselor for 5-8 and a parking lot ☺.
• We are short engineering staff right now.
• Have students check the lost and found; we have lots of missing stuff.
• We are getting new bathroom stalls on the first and second floor.
• MAP testing ended today. Families will receive information from the classroom teachers in the next few weeks.
• We are working as a staff to use the data from assessments to guide our instruction for all our students. We are using this to differentiate our curriculum for students.
• Carl is in the hospital again. He had another surgery on Friday. He was able to come to school last week and see the kids.
• Our new AP is La Shawn Ray and he comes to us from the Rochester school district. He is a welcome addition to our staff.

New Business:
Tammy is requesting funding for students to attend the ski trip on Feb. 20th, 2013. There are 80 students going and she is requesting $400.00 for scholarship money for students. Parent council will vote on this tonight.

Crescent Restaurant follow-up details will be posted on our website.

Andrea Seebach will attend the next MOPSC meeting to talk about health related topics such as diabetes.

Committees on Open:
Communication – Marcy Pages and how we can do this more efficiently such as iCloud, the website will be updated by the district soon, and we will be using robo calls for absent students who are unaccounted for.

Diversity/Outreach – We will be posting Somalia and Latino family night in the Parent Press so that many families can attend, thinking about ideas to get many families to attend and that it will accessible to all families like a potluck and open gym time. Reviving the classroom Parent Rep. to help revive the classroom community.

Open – Group things that we could use a refresher on “open”. Planning for the April dinner

Next meeting we need to be thinking about who will be taking over for folks that are leaving this committee.

Joint portion of meeting adjourned and Parent Council continued meeting to review budget and consider special requests.
 Respectfully submitted, Sara Dotty, recorder.


ITEM #1. Mid-Year Parent Council Budget Review

Treasurer Terri Warren presented budget review. Income is about what we expected.

Tammy Cowen (phy ed)
$400 to help pay for ski trip scholarships
ACTION: Approved unanimously for full amount

Anne Klees SLP, Lisa Riley SERT K-4, Connie Mattison ASD K-2
Social Thinking materials for special education team
$158 plus tax and shipping
ACTION: Approved unanimously for full amount

Proposal to buy a $150 brick for Teferi Fufa in recognition of his teaching at Marcy
ACTION: Approved unanimously (noting that Elizabeth will check with Teferi first)

ITEM #5. Officers for next year?
Elizabeth will be MAP coordinator next year. Cannot do book fair and MAP gala, so need volunteers for the book fair. She is also looking for someone who wants to take over Fall Fun. She is open to continue as Parent Council chair next year.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm. Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros, secretary.