February 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

We did the greeting “happy Friday” and many students shared they were going to their cabin this weekend (or Hawaii). You all sure do live the good life!  They weren’t impressed when I shared that I was going to make chicken wild rice soup this weekend….but I’m excited for it!

We had a nice big buddy time today playing a math game and reading books.

Note: When we don’t have school on Mondays or we have an assembly (like this past Monday) we go to media on Wednesdays.  This next week we will go to media on Wednesday.

Reminder: No school on Monday!

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We finished our non-fiction unit on penguins.  Focused on how to use a table of contents, how headings help prepare our minds to read and learn, deciding what part of non-fiction to read, telling why authors use photographs and how illustrations/diagrams help me understand.
Math: We finished our math unit on comparing or talking about attributes of objects.  We are done with our assessment and the only thing we need to continue  to work on is positional words to describe and object (to the left of, right of, over, under, behind, in front of, next to etc…) We will start our unit on 3-D shapes on Tuesday.
Writing: We are deep in our non-fiction writing unit and the students are doing a great job. We added some Valentine writing in this week too.
Social Studies: We started our goods and services unit.  A good is something you use and/or eat.  We talked about some goods and if it is a need or a want (review of a previous unit).
Science: We are finishing our fabric unit. They made stains on fabric and washed it. They will sew today and Tuesday.

Next week:  
Tuesday: Science, start our 3-week unit on Dr. Seuss
Wednesday: Art, media
Thursday: Gym, Be safe bear
Friday: Art
Sight (star) words: yes, no (didn’t get to it this week!)

Friday Folders- You will find 2 pieces of homework. One is a shape hunt (2-sided).  Please wait until Tuesday when we introduce the new unit. Sight word writing. Children are doing a great job taking time to form their letters. It is better to do a few words well, than to try to fill the line up.  Maybe have your child write for 5 minutes per night doing their best work? It is helpful for them to spell the word as they write it and then read the word.

Volunteers Needed:
Options Day is Wednesday, February 27th. We will have a Dr. Seuss theme for all the centers in the classroom and need adult hands to help. Please email me if you can volunteer. The time is 9:20-10:40.   (9:20 to read over your activity, 9:30 start time). Thanks!

Items needed: 
½ inch white 3-ring binders with clear display sleeve
Clear sheet protectors (top entry)

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend!