February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

Reminder that conferences are Thursday night and Friday. Please see attached conference sheets for a reminder of your time if needed.  We will spend time this week preparing students to lead their child led portfolio conference.

Our week at a glance:

*We are celebrating what would be Dr. Seuss 109th birthday.  Please see below and the insert in the Friday folder for details.

Reading: We started our 3-week Dr. Seuss author study. We have been comparing Dr. Seuss books and looking at his author craft.  We notice that some books are like poetry where others are long imaginative stories. We are noticing the use of nonsense words and made up creatures. We read a biography on Dr. Seuss and learned that 53 years passed from writing his first book to his last. 
Math: We started our short unit on 3D shapes. The tricky part is remembering the names of all the 3D shapes; cone and cube are easy while triangular prism, rectangular prism, cylinder get a little harder.
Writing: We finished our all about books on penguins and will have our author celebration on Monday. 
Social Studies: We are still in our goods and services unit. We sorted goods and services pictures.  The most popular service brainstormed was the pizza delivery service. What’s for dinner at your house???

Next week:  
Monday: Gym, media, Mr. Brown’s Mooonday (wear black or brown with white spots)
Tuesday: Art, Truffula Tuesday (wear orange)
Wednesday: Gym, Wacky Wednesday (wear mismatched clothes and silly socks)
Thursday: Art, Thing 1 and 2 Thursday (wear red shirt)
Friday: No School
Sight (star) words: this, they

Friday Folders- 
For math homework please have students complete the 50-frame using their best number writing skills. For handwriting, there are 2 review pages. Please watch your child as they form their letters and numbers and make sure they are forming them correctly starting at the top for most of them.  Watch the number of ‘pick ups’.  Some children are adding the ‘tails’ instead of forming their letters correctly.
Book orders are in the Friday folder and are due Thursday.
Donors choose permission slip is your child’s folder. I am going to put a few large classroom requests on donors choose to get free stuff for the classroom.  I have to have a picture of our class and classroom to put the request out there. I appreciate it if you sign the consent form so I can start getting free stuff. Our band instructor has already received 7 brand new instruments from donors choose so I know it works! Thanks for your help.

Options Day: Thank you to all the volunteers we have for Wednesday.  I am so excited for all the fun activities the children will be able to do with your help.  If you signed up to volunteer please arrive by 9:20 to read over your center. We should be able to wrap it all up by 10:40-10:45. 

Items needed: 
½ inch white 3-ring binders with clear display sleeve
Clear sheet protectors (top entry)
Cardstock/index paper (8 ½ by 11)
Play dough