February 28, 2011 Minutes


Marcy Leadership Council Agenda
February 28, 2011
Media Center
6:30 – 8:00 PM

In attendance: Teferi, Eric, Nicole, Krista, Donna, Tamsen, Sidney, Shannon, Ross, Lisa, Jean, Rosemary, Rhonda, Jackie, Carl, Sara, Jan, Barb, Elizabeth and Katherine

Approval of the minutes from the last meeting on January 31, 2011 meeting

Update on Labyrinth - Jackie Dekker-Travis: each student will be receiving a form to contribute money to the classroom brick for the labyrinth via Marcy Student Council. We are asking for a donation of $5.00 but they will help out any rooms that need funding as best they can. Jackie has gone to other funding sources but it is not finding lots of sources yet but will keep working. Jackie needs $25, 000.00 and we currently have $7,000.00. It will be part of MAP’s Gala. This may go into the summer also. This is a fluid project and we will continue to work towards this as long as it takes.

If you have any contacts that Jackie could contact or plug her into that she would appreciate it. It could be news media and such.

Fundraising Guidelines – Donna: there is a district policy but the committee has not met to come up with a Marcy policy. It has come up as to if a group wants to raise money at the plant sale they can. Kids can sell their art for a small rental fee. Amy had approached the group about doing a fundraiser. This is open to students and staff for the spring plant sale.

Update on Peace Education – Jean: brought information about teaching tolerance and bully prevention from PBIS. She is willing to print this off for students. Jean is unsure on how to approach staff about this and share her information. Peace education is more than PBIS and can we relate them to the bullet points of what it means to be a Peace Site as defined by the International Peace Site Program. We also have the Second Step program. How can we promote this? Can it be in Parent’s Press? Highlight what we are doing? Make space in the building for a physical display of what we do for PEACE and Buddies. Sara and Tamsen will work on this. We will ask for things to display and Sara will use her volunteers to post the items.
1. Seek peace within yourself and others
2. Reach out in service
3. Protect the environment
4. Promote intercultural understanding and celebrate diversity
5. Be a responsible citizen of the world

Meeting Schedule – Specialists would like the schedule to be close to the duty day. It could be either the morning or afternoon. Many staff work afterschool until 5 PM and could then stay after. Mornings could be 7:30 – 8:15. Jackie would prefer after 5:00 PM. Some would prefer 5:00-6:30. Maybe order food and eat while we eat. 5:00 seems to take into account the needs of families and staff. There is no great time.

The committee agreed to meet from 5:00 – 6:30. The rest of the meetings this year will be 5:00 – 6:30 on March 14, April 11, May 2, and May 23.

New Business

Instrumental Music Program:

Elizabeth sharing information about the Instrumental Music Program survey they sent out. They had 59 responses. Students can only be pulled from French or Social Studies so they are not meeting core content academics.

Kids in the younger grades cannot miss core content classes to attend instrumental music. Mike is trying to meet the needs of the various students needs. Parents are frustrated and some kids/families want to drop out.

Survey shows that parents are concerned and would like to see some changes in the program. Elizabeth and Katherine are going to meet some of the board members about why students cannot miss core content time to attend instrumental music lessons/groups.

Question was asked about the historical data of participation in the instrumental music program. They have information from last year and this year.

A parent shared that high schools are seeing a decline in the skills our Marcy instrumental music program.

Katherine would like to see band as a win-win situation for all students.

Could instruction be offered before or after-school? According to the survey it could work.

Some groups of kids are forming their own bands. Athletics and musical make after-school somewhat more difficult. Kids need to be in class but want to be involved in instrumental music. Middle school specialist time could offer classes by quarter then kids might be able to get more time in their area of passion.

What has been the major change at Marcy? AYP and the schedules for academic minutes are driving many items in our school.

Some parents would really like to have the lessons and groups after school. There are always choices that will have to be made.

Could there be short 20-minute lesson times during, say skills block or a non-reading or math time. Students could then have one whole group practice time each week for 20-minutes.

Why can’t the A/B/C schedule rotation for specialists?

The Marcy staff has been asked for their input on budget issues for next year via email from Donna.

Budget for 2011-2012

Donna has not received any budget information from the district.

What are we going to do to collect information about budget issues? Forced choices, gathering team information, etc.

Donna will send out information as soon as she gets it. She is assuming that we will lose some money since this tends to be the norm. What would we want to cut?

Donna sent out a list of what we paid for this year with the knowledge that we need to cut 3-5%.

Donna asked staff for feedback and got very little. She sent out some of the ideas for grade level configurations.

We are a popular school and we have more Ks on the list than we have room for. So many variables until we actually get the budget.

Talk to your teams about the information that Donna sent out so you are prepared for our budget conversation. What would be the best for our students?

ASD students and mainstream students seem to really enjoy the science specialist. Parents say their students are enjoying science. As a teacher, it is nice to have the science prep since the schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time to devote to science. Sue has done a great job and is very organized.

Think about math support. What is still going to be funded by the district? When you get the options about what you will cut you sometimes make decisions without knowing the full ramifications. If we do this what will be losing.

Announcements – Congratulations to Teferi for putting together a super performance!

Add to Upcoming Agenda Items:
Add for April – class room configurations
Add for May 2nd – FIP review