Grade 1 Homework

Many children have extracurricular activities that provide rich learning experiences.  We believe after long school hours children need to explore and have time to play. The primary team wishes to make homework meaningful and related.

Here is the 1st grade team’s homework policy.

Each 1st grade student is required to read every night for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.  Additional reading time is encouraged.  In addition, parents may read to their children as this provides a healthy model for children to emulate.  Reading is the most important homework your child can do.

 At the end of a math unit, the student workbook will be sent home for the student to complete any unfinished pages.

Periodic family projects are sent home from each classroom.  These are projects that student and guardians can complete together.  We strive to make activities meaningful and relevant.

Our recommended method of study for additional work in all subject areas is to utilize one or more of the many fine websites available for students and their families.  Any kind of technical help you can offer your child on the computer is extremely beneficial.

Go to the Marcy Open School website.  Click on Students, and then click Online Resources.  These sites are all free.  In addition, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite sites.  Many of these sites are free.  Others require payment.

       For skill work in all areas:  (This website is for extra challenge.)

For word study/spelling:

For phonics instruction:

For children’s story books:

For math:

Other enrichment activities include:  plays, concerts, museums, cultural fairs, state parks, galleries, community education programs, and park and rec youth programs and classes. 


Here are some Reading Websites to check out:

Here is a link which lists a number of reading websites.  Some of the sites are better than others. 

A couple I especially recommended are: (has books to read for students who are working on phonics) (has books like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" to read online) (Unfortunately there are no books to read online, but it has a ton of quizzes students can take about books they have read.  This would be great for students to practice their comprehension skills!)

Also the PBS Kids and National Geographic Links.  These sites have fun games, and links to interesting, kid-friendly articles.
On the right hand side of this website you will also find links to pages with help on specific reading skills.