Hopes & Dreams 2010-2011

Marcy Leadership Council Hopes and Dreams

“If you could give children one idea – just one – knowing they would carry that idea with them throughout their lives, what would it be?” (Teaching Children to Care, Ruth Charney)
Keeping our intentions for children in mind, what are our hopes and dreams for our work on Leadership this year?

We, the Marcy Leadership Council, focus on ALL of our students. We hope to:
• Support Marcy’s efforts to meet EVERY child where they are and help them move forward on a path of lifelong learning
• Inspire in all children a love of learning
• Support academic growth for all students
• Build a community in which every student and family feels included and valued
• Promote hopes and dreams for all students recognizing there may be students who do not understand how to dream, or dare not dream.
• Be a voice for students and their parents who cannot attend Leadership meetings

We, the Marcy Leadership Council, focus on success. We hope to:
• Focus our efforts on helping students be successful
• Accomplish 2-3 changes this year that will help our students succeed
• Support teachers in their work with our most school dependent learners
• Continue to draw on the energy and talents of Marcy families and the wider community to enrich the Marcy experience
• Continue our commitment to peace education

We, the Marcy Leadership Council, focus on open/progressive education. We hope to:
• Ask how each decision we make will strengthen our open program
• Continue to support arts integration as part of our core curriculum
• Help all students believe: My voice counts and I can change things.
• Focus on our open education values and their value to student success and development as we address the challenge of meeting NCLB mandates
• Help Marcy implement the Open School Precepts
• Communicate with new staff and families the values of open education

We, the Marcy Leadership Council, focus on effective work together. We hope to:
• Ensure that all voices are encouraged to speak, and ensure that all voices are heard
• Encourage input from outside the group to better reflect our community
• Leave meetings with specific action plans
• Be transparent in our actions with clear communications to all staff and families.
• Learn together as parents, teachers and students in a supportive and welcoming environment

We, the Marcy Leadership Council, move forward together into this new school year with our hopes and dreams.

Marcy Leadership Council 2010-2011
October 25, 2010