Tamsen's Classroom
Tamsen Brock


I am so happy to share a little about myself with Marcy families.  

First of all, I have Marcy Open flowing through my veins!  I have worked at Marcy for 13 years now.  My children went to Marcy Open and I attended Marcy from 2nd to 6th grade when I was a child!  Marcy has been a big part of my life. I truly love the school and all it stands for.

I have a Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota and a Masters of Fine Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia. Before teaching, I worked for many years as a professional actress in Mpls/St Paul, until having my own children made the life too difficult. I had a blissful time staying home with my children untill they started school and then I started working at school myself.

I live in Northeast Minneapolis with my husband Kurt, my children Andrew,Yesenia and Jane, and my two dogs, Jack and Spike. This is the year that my last baby went off to college after attending Edison High School. I now have three kids in college at the same time, Yikes! Kurt and I love living in NE and taking part in all of the events and activities that make our neighborhood so strong.

I love to read almost as much as I love teaching children to read, doing yoga with friends, taking walks and most of all loving my three children.  In my spare time, I also make pottery and I have a studio in my home.  It seems I have less and less time for pottery these days, but I do try to sneak away to my little studio when I can.

I love being a 2nd grade teacher in room 115.  2nd grade is such an exciting place to be, full of energy and love, yet on the brink of change and maturity. 2nd graders  keep me on my toes and fill my heart with pride.  My hope and dream for this year is to know that each child grew, not only in their academic skills but socially and emotionally.  We work on being a caring classroom in which we all support each other and grow as a community of learners. 

Feel free to contact me anytime and parents/guardians are always welcome in my room.

Love and peace,




Peace Day 2009
Peace Day 2009