Donna Andrews -- Principal


Welcome to Marcy Open School!

We are a wonderful community of learners, where students are taught in an environment infused with the arts, international peace awareness and open school ideology.

We are a K-8 school, an international peace site and a place where students learn to be responsible for their own academic journey, with the support of wonderful teachers and staff.

We are a diverse community and celebrate our differences, as well as what makes us the same.

We believe in the goodness of children and work to develop positive academic relationships with each one of our students, while fostering the development of self-reliance and social responsibility.

We use our city as a learning experience, with many walking field trips happening during the year.

We are committed to having each student reach their full potential, and take pride in all that our students accomplish.

We welcome many volunteers! Parents are always welcome to be a part of their child’s day.

It is my honor to serve as principal of Marcy Open School, where we prepare students to be life-long learners and contributing members of society through rigorous, standards-based curriculum enhanced by an environment where self-reliance and personal responsibility are celebrated!


Donna Andrews