January 10, 2011 Minutes

January 10, 2011

Leadership Council Meeting

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In attendance: Donna, Carl, Amy, Barb, Jan, Nicole, Rosemary, Rhonda, Sidney, Eric, Jackie, Teferi, Shannon, Lisa, Jean, and Sara

Go over the agenda for meeting.
Approval of minutes from last meeting on November 8, 2010.

Amy gave a presentation on the French intern position and what she hopes can happen with this program this year and in the future. Needs help and money to properly fund this program. Can the school help house the money that is raised for this position? What would the school feel comfortable with Amy doing to support this program? She doesn’t want to step on anyone’s fundraising toes. Lots of wonderful things this program can do for all the students in the school.

Why is the money an issue now? She had saved some money from fundraising for French Camp and there was a bit of money left over from something else. This year Parent Council did not want to fund this year. Amy went to MAP to see if they would fund this but they are under the parent council umbrella. Amy needs the green light to fundraise for this program. She doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes but needs to fundraise to continue this program.

If you are going to fundraise through all of the Marcy students what are the benefits for all of the students in our school. Currently the Intern works mainly with Middle school students.

Amy has talked with most teams to figure out a way to work with all students. Teams are interested in working with Amy and Dorian and are willing to work this into their schedules.

Do you think that Host Families will stay consistent? It does impact a family’s budget. How will this person be housed and how will basic necessities be taken care of for the person in this position?

Does she have the school’s support?

What are our fundraising policies at Marcy? Can individual teachers fundraise? Can teams fundraise? What are all the fundraisers that Parent Council does for the building?

Project success is also having problems getting funding? Bridges raised money at the Gala.

Go to Marcy community to see if they are willing to be host families. This might be away to gage family support of this project.

Amy is still collecting data, Lisa will do to find out about the legal end of things and payment to intern, and we will need to discuss fundraising as a committee and staff.

Have current host family’s talk about the experience, have an event where people can talk about this opportunity, students/families who are going to French camp could be approached about being a host family. Can you fundraise for a salary or stipend? Lisa will check into this.

Are there any volunteers that would like to help Donna find out how other places raise funds or approve fundraisers? Jean Dudley agreed to help with this project. They will present information at our next meeting.

Reviewing of the Staff Development Committee Charge Statement. Additions – Chair has to write a report at the end of the year on our PD and how it aligns with the SIP.

Rhonda - How Marcy became a Peace Site?

Rhonda passed out written documents on how we became a peace site. Each leadership member received a copy to review for our next meeting.

It was decided to give people a chance to read the information and we can discuss at next meeting. The library has lots of Peace award winning books Jane Adams books. We don’t have a Peace group here at Marcy to promote the activities and keep this in the forefront of staff, parents, and student’s minds. Maybe we need to create this? Rhonda facilitates workshops for the World Citizen groups, along with Nancy Paxson for the last two years.

Knowing what the symbols we have in the building? How to connect to our Peace Day? What about having some meetings on this topic? I know folks want less meetings but this might be worth having a few more meetings about? As a staff member, I see this as an important task. This could fit with PBIS. Jean will bring back to the PBIS committee to see if they will be willing to take this on.

Magnet money is tied to us being a magnet school. If we ramp up the Peace Site maybe this will help us with our “Open School Magnet” status. Peace education of The Second Step curriculum, through social studies, through literature, behavior, activism, promoting peace.

Five Peace Site Actions:
1. Seek peace within yourself and others
2. Reach out in service
3. Protect the environment
4. Promote intercultural understanding and celebrate diversity
5. Be a responsible citizen of the world

Marcy 101 – Peace education

Still getting action items based on our Hopes and Dreams for Marcy. Parent shared a portfolio from her student that graduated from Marcy.

We are having portfolios events on each team. Teams have supplies and are working on Portfolio sharing events at the end of the month and beginning of February. This is going to be an event where students share their learning with their families. What is going to get passed on at the end of each year and what goes home with the student at the end of the year. Putting the sticky photos on the folders.

Marcy 101 – Portfolios


Buddy Programs – ½ would like to have the buddy program – time and schedule can be a challenge. It needs to be a sacred time in their schedules. Is this important enough that we need to make it part of our schedule? Could it be once a month for an hour? Drop everything and buddy? We do have a tight schedule but how can we be flexible and still meet the student needs? We could set up a program here at Marcy for buddies. How do we make this happen? Marcy Leadership is saying that this is an important that this is a whole staff venture and all students are involved. Sidney and Sara will work on this scheduling and promotion with staff, students, and families.

Outreach to the community – not as prevalent as it could or should be?

What does the Leadership committee look like as far as membership and representation of staff, community members, and parents?

Some staff would like to make sure the configuration represents our building. Parents think that this could make it where we are too staff heavy. We could vote on staff to be representatives.

What are we doing about African American Parent Involvement day? How are we going to improve parent attendance of conferences?

Proposal for another meeting this month on January 31st – Approved meeting from 3:15-4:30 passed.

Conferences – 93% for K-6 middle school had 60 some percent
African American Parent Involvement

Leadership representatives needed to talk to their team about:
African American Involvement Day
French in the elementary classroom
Peace Education