January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

**** Needed by TUESDAY-containers and bottles for a sorting math activity-check your recycling bin and please bring them in!*******

We had a great week and read 2 great books. One is ‘My Mouth is a Volcano’ which addresses blurting/interrupting. This book will visit all your homes as we made a class book to go with it. 

Our second book was a reread of ‘Tattle Tongue.’ It is a great story of a boy trying to figure out when to tell and when not to. I thought you might appreciate the Tattle Tongue rules that we are using in our classroom.
Tattle Tongue rules: (the author of Tattle Tongue is Julia Cook)
1. Be a danger ranger-if a person or animal is in danger, you MUST warn someone!
2. Be a problem solver- If the problem involves you, take charge and try hard to solve it yourself first.
3. Now or Later?-Is the problem a 'now' problem or a 'not now' problem? Can your problem be solved at a later time?
4. Mind your own Beeswax-If the problem is not dangerous and it does not involve you...do not tattle!

Quote of the week: After reading tattle tongue students shared when it was OK to tell. A student answered, “At my mom’s house.”

Afterschool classes: We have one more week and then have one week off for Martin Luther King week (1/22-1/24).  If you are in my afterschool class you are registered for the full year, you do not need to re-register. If you are signed up for community ed classes you will need to re-register. Classes will run through May 9th, with the exception of spring break.  

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We are reading a lot of books about snow/winter and practicing the following reading strategies: Chunky monkey-find chunks of words you know. Skippy Frog-skip the word, read the whole sentence and come back to it, Trying lion-keep trying, when you figure it out, reread the whole sentence to make sure it makes sense, Flippy Dolphin-flip the vowel sound, Bear Paw-I can point to each word as you read (if your child reads E books or higher we want them to NOT use this strategy and only track with their eyes. The pointing in the earlier stages of reading helps train the eyes to track each word).
Math: We are still studying length and measurement. Some vocabulary we are using is: longer, shorter, greater than, less than.
Writing: We wrote in response to reading and wrote a birthday book for Lebron. We are working on adding the word ‘because’ to our compliments. For example, instead of writing, “I like you.” We are encouraging students to say why they like the birthday child…”I like you because you share.”
Social Studies: We are still in our “Families, Time and Culture” unit. We learned that we can learn about the past from people, books, videos, photos.

Next week:  
Monday: Gym, celebrate Willa’s birthday
Tuesday: Art,
Wednesday: Gym,
Thursday: Art, Math Night 5:15-7:00
Friday: NO SCHOOL-Record keeping day
Sounds: e and y
Sight (star) words: him, her

Upcoming days off: 
Friday, January 18
Monday, January 21

Friday Folders- Handwriting homework for the letters e and y. There is also a 50-frame where students fill in the missing numbers. Please have them correct any reversals and remind them that we start our numbers at the top! You will also find a short social studies activity to do (parents feel free to do the writing, your child can draw).  If your child wants to bring an object from the past in on TUESDAY for our lesson, they are welcome to do so. Make sure they know (or write down) what the object is. We can talk about how it is different from today.

Items needed: 
Shaving cream (we use it for art activities and to clean tables…the kids love it!)
Colored tissue paper
3-section plastic plates (we use them for addition mats)
cotton balls