January 13, 2017

Hello 110 Families,


We had another fun week together. The students and teachers are readjusting to our daily routine, and re-connecting with friends.


Please make sure that your child has warm clothes to wear outside.  They should have hats, mittens, scarves and warm jackets.  Snow pants add extra warmth and are good for when we get some more snow.  Boots are recommended as well. Let me know if you are having a hard time getting these items for your child.


In remembrance of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., we do not have school on Monday. Enjoy the long weekend!



Have a great week,

Rachel Herder and Alex Schluender



Next week:


Sharing –

Monday – No School

Tuesday - Yahye

Wednesday – Asli

Thursday – Azariah

Friday – Alex



Centers –


Monday – No School

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – Gym

Friday – Art




What we’re doing in:


Reading: We are identifying and using text features. This includes making predictions using the contents page, reading dialogue and punctuation, and noticing changes in the print.


Math: We are working on place value and thinking about strategies we use when putting together and taking apart numbers to solve problems. We are working on our skip counting: counting by 2, 5, and 10.


Social Studies and Writing: We are studying the history of money. Students are using what they learn to write a booklet that includes very detailed writing about how our monetary system developed .



·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.

·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.

·      No toys at school.