January 17, 2012 Minutes

January 17, 2012
Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting
6:00 p.m.
Media Center

In attendance: Sara Dotty, Marvin Boucher, Andrew Tralle, Scott Thorstenson, Krista Eduarte, Alison Hunter, Lisa Hondros, Holly Hatch-Surisook, Julia Janousek, Elizabeth Hawley, Mathew O'Brien, Melanie Townsend, Donna Andrews, Alecia Ramsay, Barbara Reiter, Nicole Kuhse, Jean Dudley, Dan Marshall, Anne Hoglund, Shannon Williams, and Sidney Orchard

Approval of Agenda - approved

Approval of Minutes from December 13, 2011 Meeting - approved

Committee Reports/Principal's Report -

Donna announces the new band/orchestra teacher Andrew Tralle. Andrew took a few minutes to introduce himself and share how excited he is to be here. He is building a program with choir, orchestra, band, guitars, and rock band. He has felt very welcomed here at Marcy. Andrew introduced himself to the students through team meetings at centers time. Kids were able to ask questions of Andrew. He has 98 students who are interested in resuming or starting band/orchestra. His primary instrument is trombone and secondary is saxophone and guitar for fun.

Principal's report- Donna was worried about all the changes in the district but they are not moving with them as fast as she was concerned about. We have a vision for Marcy as we work to increase rigor for all students and to work with in the curriculum of our district. We are looking at our 5/6 students switching more in the day to have a more "middle school like" experience. Teachers would have one or two focus areas to teach, plus a homeroom for Responsive Classroom. We are finding that we could offer a more balanced curriculum. Students will use planners. We would also be able to utilize our math specialist in a concrete manner. This will allow more time for Science and Social Studies. Teacher will be able to focus more on their lessons and how they can differentiate for students.

Donna has asked the district what their vision is for magnet schools. They have acknowledged the question but have not addressed the question yet. District is creating assessments based on the state standards that will be implemented by grade level and each quarter. We are asking to make sure that we will still be able to teach in multiage and students will be able to be tested based on what is being taught vs. the quarterly assessments in various content areas. We currently only teach math in single grade groupings (for the most part).

The district is working on curriculum for each content area in each grade level. This work will take 3 years to get fully completed. We have several staff members on the committees that are writing curriculum.

We currently have 655 students, though we were projected to have 590 and next year they are projecting 640. We have space for 78 K students. We get funding for 1 full time K and 2 1/2 time positions. We buy an extra 1/2 K to have 2 full time and 1 1/2day K.
MAP Gala - Working on the logistics and getting food and musical acts lined up. They are having a social this Friday. Working to get volunteers for this event. The next MAP meeting is the 8th of February in room 309 at 4:00 pm. The gala is the 21st of April. They still need someone to organize the food aspects of this event.

Old Business -
Instrumental Music - shared up above

Meet in Committees:
Open Education - Help teachers promote all that they do.

Outreach and Diverse Representation on the Parent and Site councils - Diverse "talent show" at the family pasta event.

Communications - Talked about the work that Eve has done to our wonderful website. We discussed the Marcy 101 project and how to get kids involved in discussing what they like about our school. We could possibly do a Buddies activity about what they like about their school. We would want to videotape students talking about their thoughts about the school. We might connect to the South students who have to do a video project.

New Business -
Title 1 Funding - How we have spent our Title 1 money? Legally we have to share how we have decided to spend our Title 1 money at Marcy. Historically we spend our money on "people" and this year is no different. We have many AEs that work with our students directly. We use this our funds for a variety of staff. We spend almost all of our dollars on a variety of staff that rotates each year due to the paperwork that goes with those funds. We use a small amount of the funds for foods. If you want specifics on who is paid out of the Title 1 funds you can meet with Donna. She is happy to share the information with anyone who is interested

Future of Junior Great Books program - We will move this to the February 7, 2012 meeting.

Announcements - Eastside coop gave us a GC to raffle and we have to Chino books to give away. Fun was had by all.