January 31, 2011 Minutes

January 31, 2011
Leadership Council Meeting

Room 224

In attendance – Mariann, Tamsen, Amy, Sara, Sidney, Teferi, Shannon, Nicole, Jan, Lisa, Donna

I. Approval of Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes from January 10, 2010 Meeting
 - approved
III. Committee Reports
- none
IV. Unfinished Business


1. Report back on how other schools pay for Amity intern positions (Lisa)

If Amy does fundraise for the Amity intern, it can go through the parent council. Lisa found out how this works through another school. Schools use their Amity interns in varying ways. At one school they focus the intern in two grades. The interns are in charge of organizing the school-wide cultural event. (Windom)

February 28th, 2011 is the deadline for applying for an Amity intern.

Jean and Donna haven’t met to see what the buildings thoughts/feelings are fundraising. District policies are pretty general. The Leadership team needs to write up a policy for fundraising. We will look at what other school do as far as fundraising.

2. Team Feedback on French-speaking Intern

3. Team Feedback on African-American Involvement Day – team plans?

• Middle school team plan for NAAPID – Lessons that would involve parent involvement. Parents are welcome to come in that day and participate in classes – especially Social Studies, Science, and ELA.
• This is also Valentine’s Day and thinking of giving out flowers to families that attend that day.
• 5/6 team hasn’t had time to talk but Mariann is inviting families to come in that day for Bridges.
• First and Second grade doing it on the 28th drumming and a play.
• 3/4 hasn’t talked about doing anything special on this day. They were focused on planning their portfolio event.
• Need a committee to plan an all school event on February 28th, 2011. Teferi is the lone member of the committee.
• February is Black History month.
• Getting a speaker in? Kids will drum at the event.
• Possibly have Peyton in for a performance.

4. Plan for improving attendance at MS conferences

- Notice in middle school newsletter about upcoming conferences, in person is preferred and then we can do phone or email conference. Any families that are unable to attend or contact us will be contacted by the homeroom teacher.
Conferences are not working as they are done now. Too many people spending hours waiting to talk with teachers. Either we need to stick to the 5 minutes or make appointments with homeroom teachers.
Specialist can fan out to catch families that are waiting or going to leave. Staff can step in and let teachers know that they are running over.
5. Team Feedback on Peace Education; Team ideas for Peace Education?

1/2 team - PBIS, social skills curriculum, informal conferencing. Could come through our Responsive Classroom.
3/4 team – Second Step and Responsive Classroom.
5/6 team – no feedback from team
7/8 team –
Tie in literature to peace and PRIDE.

PBIS committee will be looking at school wide peace education efforts to meet the following
Goals for an International Peace Site:
Seek peace within yourself and others
Reach out in service
Protect the environment
Promote intercultural understanding and celebrate diversity
Be a responsible citizen of the world –

• Solicit what everyone is doing and how can we get this information.
• Could we use the morning message as a vehicle to get information from students on these tenants of being an International Peace Site?
• We are doing this? How do we get teachers to talk about this?
• Each staff meeting we will focus on one of the aspects of being an International Peace Site.
• We are a Peace Site and so are lots of schools. What makes us different.

6. Preview of what’s coming up with the Budget

- Donna was at a district meeting and got to share her ideas of what we need and what could change. The money has not come in but she did get projection of number of students and staff for next year. Numbers will come out in late February or early March. Budget will be done by spring break.

V. New Business – none discussed
VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment