January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010

1. Introductions

2. Labyrinth presentation: Lisa Moriarty from Paths of Peace Labyrinths
Talked about history and meaning of labyrinths. Labyrinths can be a tool in the school or classroom for calming, a process for conflict resolution. Jackie is working on a grant proposal. Discussion on permanent vs. temporary labyrinh. How much would it cost? Where would it be? Is the dirt patch next to the building school property? May be a location for permanent installation.

3. Principal’s Report—Donna Andrews
Next week there will be a district principals meeting—will get more info about changing school options. Info is also on district web site. South High Open program should have enough room for all Open program student who want to go there.
School choice fair in this weekend. Donna and some parents and staff will be there although there is a waiting list for Marcy.
Indoor recess—trying to make it better. Looking for game donations.
Changing school hours—all grade schools will get 15 more minutes in their day to be the same as the middle schools 8:50 to 3:10

4. Second Step—Hanna Scherer, School Counselor
Student Success Through Prevention. The program includes empathy training, problem solving, anger management, bullying prevention.

5. Special request for money to upgrade memory in refurbished computers.

6. Jenny Arneson
Jenny is running for school board in Zone 1. Zone 1 includes NE and part of SE. Thinks Edison should be a strong option along with South High School. Is active in PEN and Waite Park School. Election is in November.

Submitted by Bettina Dehnhard, Vice Chair