January 8, 2009

Parent Council Board Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2009
6:30 pm
Multipurpose Room
Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair and Marcy Family Network facilitator), Bettina Dehnhard. (vice-chair), Sarah Tittle (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary, leadership representative), Sidney Orchard (Marcy family and community liaison)
1.  Principal’s Report - No report
2.  Leadership Report (Sidney)

a.  Sidney needs a list of parent members on leadership

     Action:  Lisa will get list to Sarah for distribution

b.  Family Involvement Plan (FIP) was essentially completed

3.  Treasurer’s Report (Sarah)

a.  Fall Fun profit $2,835.29 ($835.29 more than budgeted)

b.  Media – Frank has spent about $1870 toward $3000 budgeted

c.  Special Request from Cheryl Best:  $60 for a space heater because her room is very cold

Action:  approved request, but Board has concerns about paying for heating/building maintenance; Sarah will take issue up with Donna

4.  Other Business

a.  Pizza Luce fundraiser

Concern:  Adding another fundraiser could reduce money raised from existing fundraisers. Money spent at Pizza Luce could mean less spent at our other fundraisers because we are tapping the same population who only have a certain amount to spend at Marcy fundraisers.


Two options:

(1)  try it on a classroom basis, or for a specific group’s fundraising goal (e.g. field trip)

(2)  consider restructuring to be more similar to Red Balloon deal, under which anyone who shopped at Red Balloon during the specified time period turned in a receipt to Frank and our media center received a percentage (25%) of sales  (Note:  Red Balloon is not a Parent Council fundraiser.  Frank manages it.)

Action:  Julia will follow up with Laura Hansen and explain the PC position.


b.  Marcy Pages

Action:  Lisa will get the forms and we will ask classroom reps to put in the data


c.  Topic for February meeting?

Jennifer McComas can’t be at the meeting, but willing to plan.

Action:  decided to have a business meeting in February unless Dorothy Hoffman (IFL) is available for a presentation to parents.

Note:  Classroom Reps are meeting before PC meeting in Feb


March ideas:  joint meeting with MAP

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.?
Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)?