June 1, 2011

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
June 1, 2011
6:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair), Amy Orris (treasurer), Lisa Hondros (secretary)
Admin/staff present: Donna Andrews (principal), Sidney Orchard (parent liaison)


I. Introductions

II. Plant Sale (Katharine Tondra)

Income: $18,334
Expenses: $10,295
Profit: $ 8,038

Pre-sale 253 hours
Sale work 482 hours
Profit/Hour $16.99 (compare to 2010: $14.58 and sale profits $6500)

Ideas for next year: keep budget at more realistic number of $8000; ability to use credit cards helped overall; ask Parent Council for feedback (maybe December meeting) about what kind of event PC wants the Plant Sale to be – consider whether to make this more of a community event, e.g. allowing girl scout troops to sell cookies.

Next year’s co-chairs: Nancy Rathmann. Jen Love and Jenny Michlitsch

III. Principal’s Report (Donna)

• Grant application to support reading initiatives in the school (K-3) was successful. Will be a collaboration between corporations and U of M. Will enhance Reading Corps. University people will come in and help teams analyze reading data.
• Lost this round of the library “make-over” contest, but quite possible that we could win in the future.
• Scott Bean plans to retire.
• Interviewing for vacant positions, including a 15 hour tech person and a music teacher. New media person will be coming from Sheridan.

IV. Treasurer’s Report (Amy)

Proposal to contract out for bookkeeping next year. Lottsa is $60/hour. Sidney found someone (Martha Ballard) who is $40/hour. We would still elect a treasurer to be the liaison with the bookkeeper.
MOTION: Parent Council hire Martha Ballard to manage finances for all Parent Council activities (including MAP, Labyrinth, fiscal agent for French assistant).
DISCUSSION: job takes quite a few hours, requires expertise, and this hire would give institutional consistency.
ACTION: Passed unanimously.

Year-to-date income: about $32,000
Year-to-date expenses: under projected but not all expenses have been processed

V. Leadership Report (Lisa)

Leadership Representation - Configuration of Leadership for 2011/2012
Proposed amendment was adopted. Inconsistent with district policy to set up “quotas” on the council, so Leadership will retain existing language stating that “concerted effort shall be made to ensure membership on the Leadership Council will be multi-cultural, gender fair, disability aware and be representative of the diversity of the Marcy Open School population.”
For next year, we will need six parents (plus alternates) for Leadership. Larger group will use committees/task forces to get things done.
For example, Leadership discussed how OPEN should be our priority. Ideas for:

Marcy 101 video (in a few languages) – Shannon will coordinate
Big Buddies (reestablished this year)
Portfolios (this year)
Family Events – e.g. At Barton, parents have a welcome meeting for new families to talk about open education

Discussion of when to meet, how to improve effectiveness, how to make group more inclusive. LC will meet as group on August 19th for a few hours to get started on rewriting the constitution and other tasks.

DISCUSSION: Consider Barton model of merging Parent and Site Council, with Barton Foundation as a fundraising arm. Could we hold Parent Council Board meetings to get work done for Parent Council, but then invite all parents to one monthly Parent/Leadership Meeting? How does that work with bylaws? Idea of having topic based Parent Council meetings, perhaps with a Board meeting before or after the meeting.

VI. Special Requests - None

VII. Nomination of Officers/Leadership Reps

Current reps: Lisa Hondros, Shannon Williams, Jackie Dekker and Alecia Ramsey/Elizabeth Hawley (filling in for Sarah Tittle who resigned mid-year). Lisa and Jackie's terms are ending. We have one continuing term (Shannon), and five positions to fill. Elizabeth will be an alternate. Will check with Alecia to see if she wants to continue for next year. Two Somali parents volunteered at a recent meeting with Donna. We will follow up. We also need one rep to also be the Leadership Officer for the PC Board.

Leadership Reps: Holly Hatch-Surisook, Julia Janousek, Lisa Hondros
Leadership Alternates: Elizabeth Hawley
Leadership Officer: Holly Hatch Surisook
Chair: Elizabeth Hawley
Vice Chair: Donna Sanders
Secretary: Lisa
Marcy Family Network Facilitator:

VIII. Other
MOTION: Buy a brick for Scott Bean.
ACTION: Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)