Room 105 Procedures




It is very important to have your child here every day and on time. School starts at 8:40. My classroom doors will open at 8:30. Attendance is a key to academic success. If your child is ill and will not be attending school, please call the attendance line at 612-668-1027.

Kindergarten Dismissal:

We will leave for the buses around 3:00. Students who will be getting picked up or attending Mpls Kids, will be dismissed at 3:00. They will be waiting outside the classroom for pick up. If you pick up you may enter the kindergarten doors (if they are unlocked) or the main doors. I will walk every student to his/her bus.


The best way to let me know a transportation change or other important information is via email.   Know that I check email before school, after school and during centers (11:55-12:50). If you would like me to discuss something via phone, please call before the children arrive or after school so instruction time is not disrupted.  You can always email me if you want to set up an in-person conference at any point in the year.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at Marcy or at home.  I will send home a list of opportunities and times needed a month into the school year. You can then sign up for what works with your skill and schedule.  I do ask that you do not bring children with, since this is your child’s special time at school. There will also be opportunities to volunteer during special events and class parties. I will inform you of those opportunities later in the year.


I will be sending home newsletters every Friday via email. This will help you know what we are working on in class, upcoming events, center schedule, and my contact information.

Marcy Open School Folder:

I will send the Marcy Open folders home every Friday. Any work your child does, school newsletters, or notes from me will be placed inside the folder. Please check this folder every Friday, clean out the papers, and return on Monday!