Kindergarten Basics in Room 101

Welcome !


It is very important to have your child here every day and on time.  School starts at 8:40. My classroom door will open at 8:30.  Attendance is key to academic success. If your child is ill or will not be attending school, please call the attendance line at 612-668-1027.

Kindergarten Dismissal:

We will leave for the buses at 3:00ish.  Students who will be getting picked up or attending Mpls. Kids, will be dismissed at 3:00. They will be waiting outside the classroom for pick up.  If you pick up you may enter the kindergarten doors (if they are unlocked) or the main doors.  I will walk every student to his/her bus.


Birthday treats are welcomed and appreciated, but not expected.  If you would like to bring in a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday, please let me know in advance so I can plan it into our day! Please bring in a healthy, peanut-free treat, or a book to donate to the birthday bin! (Your treat does not need to be food.  It could be pencils, stickers, etc.) Arrangements will be made for summer birthdays.


We will have Kindergarten centers daily at 12:20 – 1:15. The centers are Physical Education, Art, Music, and Graphic Arts.  The newsletter will inform you weekly about the schedule.



There are many opportunities to volunteer at Marcy.  If you would like to help in the classroom, I will have a sign-up at curriculum night.  You may volunteer weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month. I will not need any volunteers for the first 4-6 weeks. This will be the time in the classroom where the students become familiar with me and our routines.  I do ask that you do not bring children with, since this is your child’s special time at school.  There will also be opportunities to volunteer during special events and class parties.  I will inform you of those opportunities later in the year.


I will be sending home a newsletter every Friday.  This will help you know what we are working on in class, upcoming events, center schedule, and my contact information.

Mystery Reader:

About every other Friday we will have Mystery Reader Day! I have 13 open spaces to have parents, grandparents, and aunts, uncles…come in and read to us.  I will keep our guest a secret, so the kids will be surprised.  Our mystery reader may choose to read their favorite children’s book or I can provide one for them.  I will have the signup sheet at curriculum night!  Please don’t tell your child who will be coming, so it will be a surprise for all!

Kindergarten Snack Time:

We will be having snack time every day for the first 6-8 weeks for school.  Please send in a peanut-free snack if you have not already done so.

Information Packets:

I will be sending home an information packet on the first day.  Please return these papers by September 4.  This will help the school have accurate information on your child.

Marcy Open School Folder:

I will send the Marcy Open School folders home every Friday.  Any work your child does, Marcy open School newsletter (Parent’s Press), or notes from me will be placed inside the folder.  Please check this folder every Friday, clean out the papers, and return on the following Friday!