Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth
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Mark history and celebrate your support of Peace by joining the Marcy Open Community and Marcy Holmes Neighborhood with the Marcy Path to Peace and Terry Labyrinth Project. Sparked by the spirit of Terry, a dedicated community member, the labyrinth is a unique, permanent tool and art installation that will welcome all people with an open, public space to gather, reflect, learn, de-stress, celebrate, problem solve and remember—all in the name of Peace.

Phase I, with a targeted installation date of spring 2012, offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to stakeholders, alumni, former staff, neighbors, corporate partners and any community member to make an enduring tribute to Peace through gift bricks to the Marcy Path to Peace and Terry Labyrinth. As of fall 2011, we are half-way to meeting our goal and continue fundraising.

Marcy Open School has built peace, equality, and diversity into the school bylaws and daily curriculum as an International Peace Site. Originally established in 1878 on 9th Street, then to the former site at 11th Street, Marcy Open’s current site, at 4th Street and 4th Ave S.E., has been vital to the Marcy Holmes Community and the City of Minneapolis.

The Marcy Path to Peace and Terry Labyrinth Project transforms an unsightly and unusable space with a 30 x 30 feet labyrinth as the focal point of a permanent Peace destination. The Marcy Open Student Council chose the Terry Labyrinth’s problem-solving pattern, designed by Lisa Moriety, President of the Labyrinth Society . It represents a place of tranquility, contemplation and reflection not often available in society today.

The Marcy Path to Peace leads in and out of the labyrinth and consists of a 20 feet wide pathway that snakes and bends over 140 feet. Bordering the path is landscaping as well as space and opportunities for future installations of benches, trees and public artwork to complete and further enhance the environment.

Buy a Brick, Build a Labyrinth

Brick Option #1: 4” x 8” up to 3 lines, 14 characters per line, $150.00 each

Brick Option #2*: 8” x 8” up to 6 lines, 14 characters per line, $400.00 per brick

Brick Option #3*: 12” x 12” up to 9 lines, 21 characters per line, $1,000.00 per brick

*Options #2 and #3 can accommodate logo and art images if submitted in JPEG format by donor.