Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth Frequently Asked Questions
Who is coordinating the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth?

The project is spearheaded by a group of committed parents and volunteers who are a sub-committee of the Marcy Open School Parent Council in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why is the project named Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth?

Marcy Open School has been an International Peace site for many  years. Peace education has been a part of Marcy Open School curriculum and The Path to Peace will further demonstrate Marcy's commitment to Peace. An active Marcy Parent, named Terry, who participated on the Leadership Council and served as Chair of the Marcy Open Parent  Council, inspired the Terry Labyrinth. Terry was a Peace advocate  dedicated to building an inclusive community at Marcy Open.  Terry passed away in  2008 and the Marcy Open Parent Council dedicated funds to be used in  his memory at that time. The labyrinth project aims to benefit the students of Marcy Open School, the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood and will welcome anyone dedicated to the principle of Peace.

What's the best way to participate in the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth?

Celebrate your commitment to Peace by purchasing an engraved brick and letting others know about the project. Purchasing by check provides the greatest benefit because no charges are incurred from credit card  fees. Sharing your email will help us be fiscally and environmentally  prudent in communicating information. Contact the coordinators should you like to volunteer to help with the path and labyrinth installation or to   become more involved in the overall project by emailing

What additional ways will the project look to raise funds for the project?

The Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth will continue to seek to  appropriate grants and funding beyond the brick donors to sustain and continue the project and planned global partnerships.

What if the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth does not receive enough revenue to complete the project?

The project needs $25,000 for completion. Should not enough funds be raised, the funds raised will in a separate savings account until the target amount is earned. Grants will also be written, when available, to supplement the project.  There is enormous interest in the project and success is anticipated, but should funds be insufficient, they will be returned to donors by a specified date yet to be determined. Check back to this FAQ for further details.

How many years will the project continue?

Once the Path | Labyrinth is physically completed, engraved bricks can continue to be installed for years to come. The administration load  will decrease over time but a continued commitment from community volunteers and/or the Marcy Open School Parent Council will be necessary.

Who decided on the Labyrinth's problem solving pattern?

Marcy's 2009-2010 Student Council choose the problem solving pattern out of three presented by Lisa Moriarty, a local leader in Labyrinth education, studies, and pattern design. The students then created and presented a canvas  version of the problem solving Labyrinth and walked it at Peace Day  2010. Marcy students continue to be educated and informed on the value and uses of Labyrinths with regard to meditation, mediation, and calming with the new installation of the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth.

How many bricks may I buy?

There is no limit on how many bricks you purchase. Imagine every person in your family having their own personalized brick demonstrating  their connection to Peace, the Marcy community and the world. Businesses, corporations, or any organization or group can demonstrate their  commitment to Peace and the community through participation. For example: a baseball team, the cast of a play, a classroom, and a rock band, almost anything is possible.

Do I have to put a name on a brick?

No. Just about any word (e.g., Peace, Dream, Green, Teachers, Neighbors, etc.), including other-than-English words, can be engraved. For the two larger sized brick options, a business logo or image can be engraved as long a JPEG of the artwork is provided at the time of the order. Keep in mind that simple image engavings will appear better than complex ones.

What if I change my mind about what I want printed on a brick?

Bricks will not immediately be engraved. Should you want to change your order, please send an email to Please note that while we will make every effort to process every order with satisfaction, we cannot guarantee the change but will make every accommodation possible.

May I choose the way my brick will look and type style?
The color of the bricks used will be a Harvest tan that varies from dark to light shades. The Labyrinth will be the red/burgundy with black pattern in keeping with the esthetics of the school building as well as consistency and continuity. The type style being used for the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth is Helvetica Light. Donors may choose upper or lower case letters as well  as numbers, or add a company or organization logo to two of the three brick options.
May I choose where my brick will be placed?

Every reasonable accommodation will be made should a donor wish to have a brick placed in a specific area or next to family, etc.

What hapens should my brick get chipped?

Bricks are engraved and filled with epoxy latex and the vendor Gift Bricks provides a lifetime guarantee of their product  and will replace it if damaged. Gift Bricks® provides this service for similar fundraising projects at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the University of Florida.

Why will the project have membership to The Labyrinth Society (TLS)?

There are over 3,400 labyrinths in 70 countries in the Labyrinth Locator, a resource of The Labyrinth Society. Membership to TLS puts the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth on the world map. Membership further demonstrates a global connection to the greater Marcy Open community, Marcy-Holmes  neighborhood, and the City of Minneapolis.

The Labyrinth Societ's mission is to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation. To learn more about TLS, visit their website at http//

What if all the brick spaces are already puchased by others?

There are over 6,000 bricks in the Marcy Path to Peace design. Initially, engraved bricks will be  placed throughout the path, among  plain bricks. After the path is established, future engraved bricks will be placed periodically in the following years. The annual Peace Day celebration is a natural, celebratory event for this to take place. As the greater project's  permanent identity emerges, individuals may choose to demonstrate their  support in additional ways, such as commissioning a public arts piece or structures such as a permanent trellises or benches.

What if there is a typo on my finish brick?

All brick orders will be processed carefully and verified before "printing." You will receive an email verification as a "proof" for your order to verify its accuracy.  Should you not have an email account, you will be contacted by phone. Completing the order form with accurate contact information is essential!

When can I see my brick?

The Marcy Open Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth will be an accessible space outside of Marcy Open School adjacent to Holmes Park in Minneapolis. The opening is targeted for May 2011. Any individual who orders a brick will receive an invitation to an opening event. You will be welcome to walk  and visit any time. Holmes Park closes officially at 9:00 p.m. nightly.

Why is there a post office box receiving order forms?

A post office box is being used as a security measure since credit card information is listed on order forms. Marcy Open School is a busy place and the project does not wish to burden the staff with additional work or responsibilities. Should a parent or neighborhood resident choose to drop off an order form at school it will be accepted and forwarded to the appropriate person to process the order. We anticipate many participants will use an online webstore, once it is in place.

What about credit card data security?

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS) is the security standard. The goal of the credit card companieis is not to eliminate fraud, but to "reduce it to manageable levels".  This implies that high-cost low-return fraud prevention measures will  not be used if their cost exceeds the potential gains from fraud reduction - as would be expected from organizations whose goal is profit maximization, such as a  not-for-profit organization who is fund raising.

The Path/Labyrinth anticipates the majority of orders/transactions will  be by check or a secured online process. As a measure of  accessibility, and customer service, the credit card option is on the order form. In a reasonable effort to offer security a P.O. box is secured as an added measure of  limited accessibility to card credit card numbers. The card will be processed for its order,  authorized, and the number will then be destroyed, with the exception of the last four digits, which will serve, as a record of the transaction should the cardholder  later have a question.

What are some of the core values of the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth and what it represents?
  • INTEGRITY: truthfulness, keeping our word and operating with candor.
  • RESPECT: creating a safe environment where all people are honored.
  • COMMUNITY: Continuously building connections among us.
  • DIVERSITY: Embracing our differences, whatever they may be.
  • FREEDOM: Encouraging expression and trying not to limit the  possibilities.
  • CREATIVITY: Celebrating imagination, intuition and inspiration.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Being responsible, authentic and delegating  authority.
  • LEARNING: Promoting education, networking and research.
  • TRUST: Working towards Peace and peaceful resolution.
  • OPENESS: To a dedicated public space and transformation of Peace.
Whom should I contact to become more involved with the project or volunteer?

Contact the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth coordinator at

What if I have a question that hasn't been addressed in the FAQ?

Contact the Marcy Path to Peace | Terry Labyrinth coordinator at