March 12, 2013 Minutes

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Joint Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2013
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Agenda approved
Minutes from last meeting approved

Principal’s Update - Carl is at home recovering. He hopes to be back to school by May 1st, 2013.

Donna shared the results of the 5th and 6th grade parent and student survey.  Parent of a 5th Grader expressed a concern that the survey results blended the responses of both the 5th and 6th graders and their parents, and she wanted to see how it affected the 5th graders who she believes are not developmentally mature enough for middle school of any kind at the age of 10.

Budget arrived last night at 9:30 pm. We are about $80,000 short from last year’s budget. Marcy has about a 4 million dollar budget. We are projected to have more kids; our free and reduced lunch has increased from 43% to 45%. We are projected to have 660 kids next year. While it seems like a lot of money once we pay for the necessities we don’t have much money left over.

Tami – Thank you for the money for the ski trip, it was a great day and fun to see the kids out of their element. By the end of the day almost all the kids were able to ski.

Presidential Fitness Award – 3-6 grades, 6-week plan to work through the General Mills program. The kids that complete this challenge will get a patch and the school receives some incentives, like equipment from General Mills.

Andrea – our school nurse and a former Marcy Parent – Here to talk about medication and students with potentials for emergency surgery. To give medication at school we need doctor’s orders and parental consent. As the school nurse, Andrea is able to give staff permission to give out medications. On field trips, staff is responsible to give students the care that is needed and Epi pens go on the trips with staff.

Family concerns that teachers and other staff have all the information that they need about all students and that there is someone on each floor that can administer care to students. All staff has received an email from Andrea with all the students that have allergies in the school.

Sometimes parent helpers don’t know the children with issues. Staff members who have students with medical issues need to keep those students with them and carry the medication. We might need a field trip checklist. Andrea finds it helpful to have the field trip calendar and in the bulletin.

If a parent agrees that they want all the staff to know about a medical issue it can be shared freely.

Andrea is here two days a week, Monday and Friday, and Kris is here M-Th.
Greg Krueger – to speak to families about what open school is? What would we like the talk to be about? We don’t want this to be about what we use to be or the glory days. What are we doing now that is open? If we take a trip down memory lane it can be depressing and deflating. This is presentation for our current families and not staff. Practical, positive, basic, and concrete ways to be open as part of a larger entity and receives Title 1 funds.

We will ask Greg to prepare about 30 minutes of a presentation and have time for questions. This will be at the May MOPSC meeting. MOPSC meeting would be 5:30 – 7:00. We could do the business part of meeting from 5:30 – 6:00 and Greg from 6:00 – 6:30 and a half hour for questions and conversations.

Planning for the MOPSC elections – staff will be figured out in August and parents need to be figured out before summer. In May we will figure out next year’s parent members for MOPSC.

A parent is concerned with students in K-5 being suspended. The district has a policy that is in the Marcy calendar and one that we follow for students who have infractions. We use this as a guideline and as a teachable moment with students. The district is changing their policy on behavior. Parent would like to see some interventions and not have K- 5 students sent home on a suspension. We don’t have staff to staff an in-school suspension room, we do work with students and families to try and solve issues as they arise, when things are out of control in a dangerous situation we react to protect all students.