March 13, 2012


Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2012
Media Center
6:00 - 7:30

In attendance: Anne, Shannon, Sidney, Garrett, Barb, Sara, Rosemary, Nicole, Marvin, Carl, Krista, Donna, Elizabeth, Jean, Lisa, 

I. Approval of Agenda - approved via fist to five

II. Approval of Minutes from February 7, 2012 - approved via fist to five

III. Special Presentation: Julie Young-Burns on Bullying (50) - power point from presentation attached as a PDF.

IV. Special Requests for Parent Council Funds (10)

Lisa B - requesting $100.00 for her classes monthly visit to senior citizens.
Garrett - Puppet shows from PACER - Kids against bullying for 3/4 or 1-4 grades that is 300 or 600 dollars. For inclusive school week 300 dollars in funds for grades 1-4. If they get a grant then they will return the funds. This is for October and December of next year. The funds are needed now to secure spots for next year as they go fast. A decision is needed by April to reserve spots. 

V. Principal's Report on Budget (30) - 
Right now Donna is feeling confident that everything that we currently have at Marcy will stay for next year.
Donna went over the Budget Facts sheets. (Can this be attached?)
The district is predicting that we will have 659 students next year. We currently have that many right now. We have received new students just last week. 
We have a large group of 2nd graders this year.
Next fall we will have 3 Ks, 6 1/2s, 6 3/4s, and 4 5/6 rooms.
On the specialist we accidently left off Graphic Arts as .6 this year and having next year as a .8
There was also talk about the Target makeover and their work with families

- Update on the ongoing budget process
- Questions and Comment

VI. Announcements
VII. Adjournment

PDF Bullying   --  Julie Young-Burns bullying presentation to MOPSC on March 13, 2012