March 22, 2013

Happy Spring!

We had buddies today and did some poetry with our buddies. The students really look forward to this time.

We have planned the date and time of our end of the year celebration. This is a must attend event so mark your calendars. It will begin in the theater where you will watch your child in our class play, then move into the classroom to go through memory books and end outside with popsicles. The date is MONDAY, June 3rd.  The performance will begin at 12:20pm. You can come at 11:40 to have lunch with your child if you’d like. 

Marcy Gala is Saturday, April 27.  This is a huge fundraiser for arts at our school (this is how we had dancing with Robin all fall). Please consider attending.

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We are deep into our poetry unit. We are reading poems and talking about the poetry features of rhyme, simile, regular beat, alliteration, repeated lines, onomatopoeia, and metaphor. They LOVE it and they are doing a great job recognizing these poetry elements.
Math: We are working on our addition and subtraction unit. Working hard on what number comes before or after other numbers.  We do all of this through playing math games at stations.
Writing: We wrote ‘talk to it’ poems, ‘in my heart’ poems, shape poems and acrostic. Poetry portfolios will go home on Thursday-your children are talented poets. It will be a treasure to keep!
Social Studies: We started our geography unit. We will start our unit and teaching the use of those words next week. (in front of, behind, next to, over, under, near, far, above and below).

Next week:  
Monday: Art, media, Art Adventure, Adrien’s birthday
Tuesday: Gym
Wednesday: Science, Nutrition class (our last one), Author celebration
Thursday: Science, We celebrate Azalea’s birthday
Friday: no school
Sight (star) words: that, then

No School April 1-5 for spring break

Friday Folders- 
For writing homework, there is a 2-sided page. Make sure your child does his/her best work in forming the letters!

Math homework requires your help. It is similar to last week. We put a model of what it can look on so you can see what it looks to have your student explain and show their work. (these are just examples, there are many ways to solve. We don’t want to see 5 +8 = 13 only, we want to see how they counted on or figured out it was 13. If your student has trouble explaining it might be because the numbers they are using are too easy or too hard.)