March 28, 2013

Happy Spring Break!

I hope you have a great week off from school. I hear of many fun vacations that are planned both near and far. I look forward to hearing all about it when we return! 

We ended our art adventure this week and our nutrition classes. We tasted jicama, kumquat and Asian pear. The kids loved them all!!!!

Marcy Gala is Saturday, April 27.  This is a huge fundraiser for arts at our school (this is how we had dancing with Robin all fall). Please consider attending.

Thursday, May 30 (8:45-12:00) is our field trip to Kelly farm. Cost is $11 per person and permission slip comes home next month. All volunteers who want to chaperone will most likely be able to this time. 

Monday, June 3: 12:20 is the end of the year play.

Our week at a glance:
Reading: We finished our poetry unit and will begin our unit on fairy tales, folk tales and fables when we return in April.
Math: We are continuing to work on addition in math and explaining how we figure things out. We all have different strategies that can help our friends learn when we share them.
Writing: We finished our poetry portfolio and had our author’s celebration on Wednesday.  During the author’s celebration students took turns reading their favorite poem they wrote and the students in their small group give a compliment. A few of my favorites were, “I like that your poem was about your mom because I love your mom.” “Your poem about ice cream really makes me want ice cream.” The portfolios are coming home in the Friday folders…they are a treasure. Take the time to listen to your child read their poems to you. 
Social Studies: We are still learning about geography and mapping. We are using location words to explain where things are located (behind/in front of, next to, above/below, near/far).

Next week:  
Monday: Science, media
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: Science, Class picture day
Thursday: Science
Friday: Science, celebrate Puna’s birthday

Friday Folders- 
For writing homework, there is a 2-sided page. Make sure your child does his/her best work in forming the letters!
Math homework requires your help. It is similar to last 2 weeks. 
Poetry portfolio and Unit 5 math assessment is in the Friday folder.
April sharing calendar (we are sharing jokes), April principal’s reading challenge and April things to do (optional) are included. 
Marcy Plant sale information is going home today. It is a great fundraiser for our school.

Supplies Needed:
Clorox wipes
Sheet protectors
½ inch binder with clear front display

Have a great spring break!