March 3, 2017

Hello 110 Families,

Happy Friday! We finished our week by watching a play about Dr Seuss, who’s birthday was on Thursday. We also finished our solids and liquids science unit. Next week we start a social studies unit on the Obijwe people.

A few students have not been bringing appropriate shoes for gym class.  There are a few pairs of shoes for them to share in the gym, but changing into them cuts into their gym time. 

Have a great weekend,
Rachel Herder and Alex Schluender

Next week:

Sharing –
Monday – Tucker
Tuesday - Yahye
Wednesday – Asli
Thursday – Azariah
Friday – Rachel

Centers –

Monday – Art
Tuesday – Music
Wednesday – Gym
Thursday – Art
Friday – Music

What we’re doing in:

Reading: We are identifying and using text features. This includes making predictions using the contents page, reading dialogue and punctuation, and noticing changes in the print.  Reading groups are working on level-appropriate comprehension and word-decoding.

Math: We are working on place value and thinking about strategies we use when putting together and taking apart numbers to solve problems. We are using our number line to develop strategies for jumping forward and backward from a number. We have been working on place value for many months. Place value is critical for later math learning, so we are working to cement this concept. Next week we will start adding and subtracting double-digit numbers in our heads.

Science: We have concluded our solid and liquid unit by making a claim for toothpaste: Is it a solid or liquid? The students wrote their opinion with three supporting reasons. In a couple weeks we will start a new science unit about force and motion.

Social Studies: We are starting a unit about the Ojibwe people by reading three consecutive days of stories that cultural group finds important, and writing about what we learn. On Monday we read about the Wendigo.

·      Fridays are tie-dye Fridays and students are encouraged to where tie dye to show Marcy Pride.
·      Please check your child’s Friday folder every week.
·      No toys at school.