Marcy Open - International Peace Site
Photo from the dedication of the Peace Pole -1993

In 1993 Marcy Open collaborated with World Citizen to become an International Peace Site.  International Peace Sites commit to five Peace Actions:

  • Seek peace within yourself and others
  • Reach out in service
  • Protect the environment
  • Respect diversity
  • Be a responsible citizen of the world

These Peace Actions are part of the culture of Marcy.  Teachers use a variety of methods to bring Peace Education into their classrooms. Some examples include:

  • A daily Peace Pass, where students thank each other for acts of kindness
  • Taking the Peace Pledge 
  • Using the Peace Sign as nonverbal cue to bring students to order
  • Asking a student to Take a Break in a calm voice, allowing the student to regain composure without shame
  • Middle school students who regularly have lunch with elders living in a nearby Senior Living Apartment
  • Big Buddy classrooms meeting with their Little Buddy classrooms for activities
  • Picking up trash on the playground

Once a year Marcy celebrates Peace Day to recommit to our status as an International Peace Site.  Although the details of what Peace Day may include can change from year-to-year, it is always an All-School event that focuses on how we can seek peace.  Past Peace Day celebrations have included:

  • Folding more than a thousand origami Peace Cranes to send to the Sadako memorial in Hiroshima. 
  • img_4823.jpg
    Students sharing a Peace Pass
    A "snowball dance" where students moved from partner to partner, including much of the school by the end.
  • Making "peace lanterns" that were used to illuminate the darkened gym
  • Creating a "living peace symbol" by having students form the shape 
  • All school art projects that focused on peace and kindness
  • Inviting International students from the U of M to speak in classrooms and share their cultures with our students
  • Students made a video for the school to show commitment to Peace Education

Marcy also celebrates student commitment to promoting peace in our community through the Mary Lou Hartley Peace Prize.  Mary Lou Hartley was a beloved teacher at Marcy in the earlier days of the Open program.  She was also dedicated to promoting peace and peace education.  In her honor, Marcy middle school teachers and students select students each year who act as peacemakers in the classrooms.  These students are recognized on the plaque near the front door of our school. A photo of Mary Lou Hartley is also located by the plaque.

In addition to the Peace Plaque, there are a number of reminders of our commitment to peace at Marcy.  Take time to notice:

  • The Peace Pole, bought for the school through contributions from our students
  • The Path to Peace / Terry Labyrinth
  • The Russian Olive Tree in front of the school.  This tree was originally planted as a memorial to Marcy Lou Hartley at the former site of Marcy.  When the current building was opened in 1992, the tree was moved to the new site.
  • The Peace Garden located outside the art room