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Marcy Construction Updates
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 11:50 AM

Construction is about to begin at Marcy and it will bring much needed changes to the building including:

  • create a welcoming and secure main entrance by moving the office to the main door.
  • increase the size of the kitchen and cafeteria to be able to cook and serve fresh food on site.
  • update mechanical systems to improve cooling, heating, and ventilation throughout the building.
  • upgrade security systems throughout the interior and exterior of the building.
  • renovate the art room and both music rooms.

Minneapolis Public Schools is closely coordinating the replacement of playground equipment with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. We anticipate that the new playground equipment will be installed in late fall / early winter 2019.

The hard scape portion of the playground will be reduced and rebuilt. The new play area will be approximately 40% of the size of the current hard scape play area.

The Terry Labyrinth and Path to Peace will be documented, carefully removed, protected, and replaced in a new location that is approximately the same size as the current element after construction on the addition to the building is complete. Re-envisioning efforts will be ongoing throughout 2019 and Labyrinth construction is expected to be completed during summer 2020.

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