May 14, 2013 Minutes

MOPSC Meeting
May 14, 2013
Marcy Media Center
5:30 – 7:00

I. Approval of Agenda for Meeting

II. Approval of Minutes from April approved.

III. Committee Reports:

Book Fair (Elizabeth Hawley) – Nancy Rathman will not be doing the Spring book fair next year. Looking for volunteers to take this on. This year we made $1000 at the spring book fair.

Fall Fun (Elizabeth Hawley) – Need new chair to replace Elizabeth Hawley

Labyrinth (Jackie Dekker) - Groundbreaking for the labyrinth will be on May 30-31. We need volunteers. Dedication ceremony will be on Monday, June 3. Still need to sell more bricks. Feel free to contact Jackie Dekker with any questions.

MOTION: Parent Council grant Special Request for $150 to buy a brick recognizing former Marcy staff member Mark Kos.
ACTION: Approved unanimously.

MAP (Laura Cayere-King) Gala was great success, grossing $51,200, a little more than last year. MAP now taking applications for grants, due on May 28. Last MAP meeting this school year will be on Wednesday, May 29 at 5:30, most likely in room 304.

Greg Krueger, Augsburg Professor of Education and former Marcy teacher, speaking about Open Education

Meeting adjourned at 7:00, respectfully submitted by Lisa Hondros, Parent Council Secretary