May 23, 2011 Minutes


Leadership Meeting

May 23, 2011
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Minutes of Meeting:

Minutes approved

Problem with the language of the resolution for parent representatives in leadership – we will change the language due to inconsistency with district policy. We will now state, “concerted effort shall be made to ensure membership on the Leadership Council will be multi-cultural, gender fair, disability aware and be representative of the diversity of the Marcy Open School population.”

VOTES to Change to 20 member Leadership Committee
Specialist – change

FIP Review – Sidney walked the committee through the FIP. Committee was able to ask questions, get clarification, and make suggestions.

New Business:
How did committees and task forces work this year? Not so well. Meeting times hard, task forces didn’t get together, some tried to do by email but it didn’t work.

For Leadership – When should we meet? What do we want to do?
Update the constitution to meet/reflect the needs of our building.
Does the constitution limit how we meet? Can the schedule be changed? With adequate notice dates and times can be changed.
Task Force – Constitution to be updated. (How can this get done since we were unable to do this during this school year? We tried but we could not agree.) A small group would work on this to present to the larger group.

Working on the business partner for our school.

People don’t want to get rid of a meeting that they feel they have a voice at.

Seems opposed to reason why we have a larger group and fewer meetings.

Barton has meetings once a month that includes Leadership and Parent Council. Some think that they meet twice a month.

We got buddies going and portfolios.

Parent thought there would be hard work to do in between meetings to improve the school.

What are we really doing? What is our purpose?

What is the work we are supposed to do?

• On filling in membership gaps in the Leadership Committee
• On meeting times and reworking the constitution to meet our current needs
• On committees and task forces and what we should be doing
• On what is driving the Leadership and what are our tasks (how does it fit with OPEN)

We did write the parent request form as a Leadership committee several years ago.

We could have discussed classroom assignments. Personnel are an administrative decision. We could have discussed the general issues of teaming as a committee. We could have discussed the possible changes to prep providers. We had the shortest window of budget this year. People were asked to give input on budget and very little was given.

Staffs are not doing their part by sharing information with their teams and bringing things back. People are talking all over the building but they are not bringing things to leadership. Yet everyone is mad and things are not getting done. Staffs are not communicating with each other and in a timely manner. Parents are saying they need to have these two meetings but they don’t come to the meetings.

If teachers feel strongly they should make time to come to leadership. Parents should come to see what is going on. Parents and staff only come when they are upset.

Parents don’t realize that this is an open meeting. Staff can come to any meeting.

The agenda should be sent out to everyone in our community, staff, families, and community members so that if there is something burning everyone has a chance to speak up.

As a team member, I am not going to come to Leadership with a team issue.

Could our focus be OPEN? We don’t need to discuss team issues here but look at the broad picture. How can we enhance our open vision and get the word out to folks. How is open happening in what we are already doing?

People are overwhelmed and working very hard.

The staff is smaller, there are more teams, and we don’t have is much flexibility in our operations. We have dropped the ball on many things.

How do we get parents more involved in the tasks that need to be done?

OPEN School should be our priority
Marcy 101 video (in a few languages)
Family Events

What is open on each team? Each team defines and then brings back to staff.

Work on a Marcy video – Shannon will help find the person who can do this video.

At the end of the meeting we need to say what each person is doing? Everyone needs a task.

Have the tasks force come from Leadership? We can get parents involved in the tasks force jobs in the building. They are interested in helping with things.

We need parents and staff interested in working on the NORTHEAST parade. What can you do to help!

Maybe take time at each staff meeting to discuss what is happening at Leadership and in committees or task forces.

How can we make Leadership more accessible and have a better feeling? How can we move forward in a positive direction?

MEET as group on AUGUST 19th for a few hours to get started on rewriting the constitution and other tasks.