May 3, 2011

Parent Council Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2011
6:30 pm Media Center

Board members present: Julia Janousek (chair), Donna Sanders (vice chair), Lisa Hondros (secretary)
Admin/staff present: Donna Andrews (principal); Krista Eduarte (AE)


I. Introductions
II. Principal’s Report (Donna)

Donna spoke at Leadership yesterday about staff reassignments to new teams (Polly to 1/2, Anne to 3/4, Rhonda to 3/4 and Dan to 5/6). Lots of interest from parents. Her process – charged with looking at the whole school and supporting learning environment of all kids; there have been some changes with music and media, lots of talk about that in school, but personnel is the principal’s responsibility. The process: Notify teachers, opportunity for discussion, and then notification of Leadership. Goal to create strong teams. Parents asked many questions and she will meet privately with anyone else who has questions. Open door policy. Values participation of parents with concerns.

Issues in middle school regarding drug use. Donna’s been talking with students in middle school about drugs. What happended? Students had parents’ prescription drugs, marijuana use and selling, “huffing” (spraying aerosol into a bag or backpack and inhaling). Received supportive response from families. District person at Marcy today to advise on addressing the issue. Donna will address in her “state of the middle school” talk. Students can then submit questions that will be discussed in groups with a teacher and guidance counselor. She is making sure kids understand how dangerous it is.

Peace Day went well. Sinfonia performed here, included Marcy string students.

Questions?: Why/Which teachers are moved?
A: No particular reason for each teacher. Schedule dictates that teams work together, and moves were made to strengthen teams. Polly and Ann switching classrooms (kids will stay together). Dan to 5/6 and Rhonda to 3/4. Mariann has resigned.

III. Staff Appreciation Day.
ACTION: Parent Council will buy lunch for Staff Appreciation Day

IV. Treasurer’s Report (Lisa filling in for Amy)
The cash balance is approximately $93,000 including $20k in reserves.

• We had the following income during April:
• $500 from the Pasta Dinner
• $10,500 Preorder Plant Sales. This is sales only, we have not paid for the plants at this time so do not have the off setting costs.
• We had the following expenses in April:
• Approximately $1000 in Classroom Funds
• $2500 to Patricia Berg for Math Enrichment
• $2000 for Project Success

Elizabeth: Book Fair raised $845.12 in cash and purchased $750 in books for media center, $450 in books for classrooms.
Katharine: First year that Plant Sale has done credit card sales. Fees: 3.49% charged by RevTrak; we charged back 1.49% (i.e. 2% credit card fee). For the future: would like to investigate the amount that can be charged back.
Plant Sale Hours: Friday: 12-6 and Saturday 9-2

V. Leadership Report (Elizabeth Hawley and Lisa)

• There have been reassignments of teachers to new teams (see Principal’s Report above)
• Leadership Representation - Configuration of Leadership for 2011/2012
MOTION: To adopt the proposed amendment
ACTION: Passed unanimously

Comments: Pursuing First Congregational Church as Community Rep, Elizabeth is following up. Two Somali parents have already volunteered to serve on Leadership next year.
Discussion about concerns regarding representation of diverse populations at school meetings and events.

VI. Special Requests – None

VII. Other

How do we make sure all parents have information about how they can connect to the Marcy Community?
Parent Council presence at Fall Fun, info in the school calendar, classroom reps
Plan events based on interests/ideas of various communities.

Recognition of retiring teachers. Can we buy them a brick? $150
ACTION: Elizabeth will talk to Jackie.

VII. Nomination of Officers/Leadership Reps

Current reps: Lisa Hondros, Shannon Williams, Jackie Dekker and Alecia Ramsey/Elizabeth Hawley (filling in for Sarah Tittle who resigned mid-year). Lisa and Jackie's terms are ending. So we have two continuing at-large terms, and one at-large position to fill. Elizabeth is considering continuing for next year.

ACTION: Seek Nominations before Wednesday, June 1 meeting for: Chair, Vice Chair (Donna), Treasurer, Secretary (Lisa), Marcy Family Network Facilitator

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 1 at 6:30

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Lisa Hondros (serving as secretary)