May 8, 2012 Agenda

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Agenda
May 8, 2012
Media Center
6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Parent Council Board Members: Chair Elizabeth Hawley, Vice Chair Donna Sanders, Secretary Lisa Hondros, Leadership Officer Holly Hatch-Surisook and Parent Liaison Sidney Orchard.
OPEN SEAT: Treasurer

Site Council Membership: Jean Dudley (co-chair/specialist serving special populations), Lisa Hondros (co-chair/parent), Sara Dotty (recorder/middle school team), Holly Hatch-Surisook (parent), Julia Janousek (parent), Mathew O’Brien (parent), Shannon Williams (parent), Jackie Dekker-Travis (parent), Alison Hunter (parent alternate), Elizabeth Hawley (parent alternate), Donna Andrews (principal), Barb Reiter (kindergarten team), Nicole Khuse (primary team), Anne Hoglund (intermediate 3/4 team), Marvin Boucher (intermediate 5/6 Team), Scott Thorstenson (content area specialist), Krista Eduarte (at-large non-licensed staff), Sidney Orchard (at-large non-licensed staff, shared), Rosemary Schindeldecker (at-large non-licensed staff, shared); Zib Hinz (Community Partner First Congregational Church of MN).
OPEN SEATS: Parents (4 alternates); Students (2)

I. Approval of Agenda
II. Approval of Minutes from April 10, 2012 Meeting
III. Committee Reports (5)
IV. Principal’s Report (5)
V. New Business

1. Introduction of Zib Hinz, newest member of the Site Council representing our Community Partner First Congregational Church of MN. (5)

2. Managing Diabetes at Marcy (15)

3. Incorporating Movement into School Day (15)

4. Parent Volunteers Needed to Help Update MPS Wellness Policy (5)

The District is reviewing its Wellness Policy and is looking for parents interested in providing input and feedback surrounding nutrition education, nutrition services, physical activity, recess, health education.

What is required: There will be approximately 4 meetings
Meetings will be 1.5 hours in length (no more, may be less)
Meetings will be held at 807 to begin with (may move to new JB Davis building on West Broadway
Meetings will be from April – September
Meetings will be scheduled for late afternoon- early evening (4-7 p.m.) based on availability.

We do not have, unfortunately, any funding to provide child care, transportation or meals.
If interested, contact Nan Miller at 612.668.0384 or

5. Open Teacher of the Year (10)
6. Reflections & Planning for Next Year (20)

VI. Announcements
VII. Adjournment