May 8, 2012 Minutes


Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2012
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In Attendance: Barb Reiter, Jean Dudley, Sara Dotty, Krista Eduarte, Holly Hatch-Surisook, Elizabeth Hawley, Bridget, Melanie Townsend, Rosemary Schindeldecker, Lisa Hondros, Jenee Nederloe, Scott Throsteson, Garrett Petrie, Shannon Williams, Dan, Tem Warren, DeWayne Townsend, Anne Hoglund, Jacqueline Dekker-Travis, Sidney, Marvin, Laura, Nicole, Zib

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of Minutes from April 10, 2012 Meeting: Approved

Committee Reports: MAP report from Laura, last months GALA was an amazing event. The Minnesota Monthly magazine was photographing the event and the total raised so far is about $48,000. Money is still coming in as folks pick up their artwork. There were about 500 people registered to attend and about 570 folks were there. A concern was raised that some past Marcy families have been dropped off the mailing list and should be included since they are past contributors.

Principal's Report: All is well and things are busy. Testing is going well, we have MAP math and reading and MCA testing in Reading, Math, and Science. The district is working to align our curriculum and teaching to the state standards. We were wondering how the new quarterly assessments in each grade level, in each subject area would impact us as a multi-age open school. Donna was able to get Michael Thomas and Ken Simmon out to the building to hear our concerns and get us answers. They were able to go back to the Chief Academic Officer, Emily Putz and they decided they want to support magnet schools and our multiage teaching. They are supporting us and will make sure that our students are assessed appropriately each quarter. For next year, we are looking at our grade configurations. We have 2 full-time K and 1 1/2 time K we currently have 108 students invited to our school for 78 spots. We also have 30 more students added to our 5/6 team. Last year 40% of invited K students did not end up coming to Marcy. We did classroom classification on May 7th to get our classrooms ready for next year. We are going to spend time at the beginning of the year to make sure classrooms are balanced and then we will send out classroom assignments to families. We are going from 7 classrooms in 1/2 to 6 and 3/4 is going from 4 teachers to 6. Supply lists will be posted on the website to help families out with supply information, prior to handing out room assignments. Information will be shared in Parent's Press for families. We need to make sure that we are thinking about the Marcy Open School community as a whole. Parents of second graders have been informed about Talent Development of Advanced Learners. All second graders were given a non-verbal assessment to identify advanced learners at Marcy. Families of qualifying students will be receiving a letter. Students will not be pulled out but staff will be trained on implementation strategies and students will be clustered in two classrooms on the 3/4 team. They will be clustered for math in the beginning, for third grade. There are twenty-two 2nd graders who have been identified as Advanced Learners via the Talent Development assessments and qualification criteria. Questions can be directed to Melanie Crawford.

New Business

Introduction of Zib Hinz, newest member of the Site Council representing our Community Partner First Congregational Church of MN. The Marcy Girl Scouts currently use the space for their meetings and the musical cast paper is held at the church also. The church was interested and working with us but wanted to know what would be their specific role. They are interested in working with our school as we partner with Target for Food for Minds monthly food give away. They are willing to help with these events, arrange for rides for families, help carry out groceries, etc.

Zib stopped by at the end of our meeting to say that the church is really excited to have this partnership in a more formal way. Eve Parker has spent years working with the church and the school to form various partnerships for many years. They are looking forward to working with us on this partnership.

Managing Diabetes at Marcy - We have many students and some staff who are diabetic and what this means for us. Those who are affected by this disease can have lows that are very dangerous. Students who go to low can lose consciences and will need a shot of glucose to recover. You need to call 911 but also make sure you have an injected the GlucaGen. The concern is that we only have a part-time health assistant. There are still many questions about who can do what? Donna will find out more information and find out about trainings for staff. It was suggested that we train someone on each floor to be a point of contact. We need to make sure that teachers, volunteers, staff, families and students are aware of conditions that exist. It might be great to have some books in the library on diabetes to have to share with students.

Incorporating Movement into School Day - article was shared about the importance of movement for students during the school day. We currently have 40 minutes for lunch and recess for our 1-6 students and 60 minutes for K with 30 minutes for 7th and 8th. Next year we are planning on having 30 minutes for lunch and 30 minutes for recess for students in grades K-6. Some schools do "standing classrooms" in middle school. This helps students burn more calories and has other benefits for staff. We do currently utilize exercise/stability balls in some classroom to help with movement. It was also brought up that recess might be a bit more structured with teachers running events during recess. What happened to our Active Recess materials? Donna is working with the park board to get the sand out of the playground area to another material to help with building cleanliness. 

Parent Volunteers are needed from our area for Help Update MPs Wellness Policy. If you were able to help with this it would be great. There are 4 meetings happening starting now until September. Please contact Nan Miller at 612-668.0384 or

Jackie Dekker-Travis - The Labyrinth project received it grant and the project will break ground this summer. This will be an ongoing fundraiser.

Open Teacher of the Year - at the family dinner families were asked to write thank you letters to teachers for open teaching. Shannon is asking Parent Council for $100.00 for a prize for the Open Teacher of the Year. 

Requests for funds:
Shannon - $100.00 for a prize for the Open Teacher of the Year this year. The committee approved this expenditure. All parents are welcome to be a member of this committee. A notice will be placed in Parent's Press to welcome all interested in attending.

Diane S. - $350.00 for 1/2 the cost of a new popcorn machine. We use this machine for our meetings, ALC, staff functions. The staff will raise the other half for the machine. The machine costs about $750.00. The machine is on its last leg. The committee voted to support this effort and will have $350.00 at the ready if the machine doesn't make it.

Reflections and Planning for Next Year: 
• It is great to be at the last meeting of the year and see so many people here. 
• The joint meeting of parent council and site council has made us more productive and things are getting done.
• The tone feels better
• I don't dread coming here
• We are making more progress and it seems we are getting things done
• We need to have the student voice here, can we have the student council president and vice president attend this meeting
• This has been a really positive experience this year. Thanks to teachers who have been here for 12+ hours today
• Teachers could share more about what we do on a daily basis. What do parents want to know more about? We could do more on Responsive Classroom, Focused Instruction, Data, etc. Whatever is of interest to parents?