Meeting Minutes 10.2.14

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Agenda (MOPSC)

October 2, 2014

Media Center

6:00 – 7:30 PM


           I.     Approval of Agenda

         II.     Approval of Minutes from 9-4-14

       III.     Presentation on Mindset – Nina and Eve – PowerPoint of presentation will be on the website

       IV.     Math Curricula – Nina – PowerPoint of presentation will be on the website

         V.     Upcoming Events

a.     Fall Fun – Elizabeth – Great evening event for all families, there will be a sign up genius for parents to volunteer to work at the event.

b.     MAP summary – Elizabeth – PowerPoint Presentation will be shared on website

       VI.     Principal Report – Talk to your child’s teacher is you want to know more about how math is taught in class. Keep asking questions.  The great new is that we are NO LONGER A FOCUS SCHOOL!!! YEAH! We are making gains.  Thank a teacher when you see one.  Donna met with a group of parents who have kids in the Talent Development program.  This small group of parents is interested in promoting our students and school as a whole.  Can we use some of our resources to support our Advanced Learners?  I have invited Heidi from the Mental Health Collaborative to provide services to our students who need some specific support.  Heidi is wiling to start a small group for students who are identified as Advanced Learners to work with these students.

     VII.     Old Business

   VIII.     Parent Council

a.     Treasurer Report

b.     Vote on special request