Meeting Minutes 12.4.14

Marcy Open Parent/Site Council Notes (MOPSC)

December 4, 2014

Media Center

6:00 – 7:30


      I.         Presentation on Responsive Classroom – Maria Rollinger

a.     Sharing her background in education – teacher for 16 years, working in the district as an Instructional Leader and Turn Around Specialist, married, and mother of twin girls.

b.     See Power Point for information about session

    II.         Approval of Agenda - Approved

  III.         Approval of Minutes from 11-6-14 – Approved

   IV.         Principal Report

a.     As an open school we value the Responsive Classroom philosophy and work hard to make it happen within each classroom

b.     Much of our worked is focused on academics but we need to make time for the whole child

c.      Our Area Superintendent, Lucilla, is the Area Superintendent for Magnet schools.  She is working to ensure that Magnet schools have some autonomy to make their magnet programs work in the best possible way for students and families

d.     We continually work to ensure that all our students feel safe at Marcy and this is a continual process as we continue to receive new students.   We have received 38 new students since October.

e.     Karen Pedersen is here for Catalina, who has extended her medical leave until January 15th, 2015

     V.         Upcoming Events (replaces Committee Reports)

   VI.         Parent Council Business  (7:15)