Meeting Minutes 1.8.15

MOPSC Meeting

Media Center 6:00-7:30

January 8, 2015


      I.         Rachel Wixson and Andrew Tralle presentation on an overview of the current Marcy Music Program.  See Powerpoint.

    II.         Erin Sjoquist (a Whittier parent and Marcy Open Volunteer) February 20 – March 20 would be our month and the proceeds would go to Marcy.  People send information to Erin and she posts the pictures and item descriptions.  It would be a credit card transaction through the website.  It is tax deductible since the money is going to the school.  The seller arranges for the delivery or pick up of the item similar to Craigslist.  The site takes 17% of the profits.  This is a pilot program.

  III.         Joe Hatch-Surisook will come to educate parents about the MPS’s True Food Council and their initiatives. (See fliers that were handed out at the meeting)

a.     There are now 48 salad bars in schools

b.     Marcy is allotted for a new kitchen in the 2017 school year

c.      We will have reusable trays

d.     We conduct taste test with over 15,000 students

e.     Work with chefs to develop recipes

f.      We serve food from small sustainable and the 1st Thursday of each month features a locally sourced lunch.

g.     We serve FREE breakfast for ALL students!

   IV.         Lara and Tamera from MAP is asking to use the Parent Councils status to apply for an Arts Grant to make sure we can fund programming at Marcy regardless of how much funds the Spring MAP Gala generates.  The deadline has been moved to February 13th from March.  Need permission from Parent Council to approve this tonight to get moving on the grant process.  With the extra money from the GALA they would like to fund some afterschool arts/music activities.

     V.         Donna’s Report

a.     Parents have questions about enrollment at Marcy

                                               i.     Since October 15th we have added over 70 students and only 4 students have left

                                              ii.     Marcy and Loring are getting the students that are coming into our Zone since Priority schools are not getting new students.

                                            iii.     Requested 3 AEs to support Kindergarten classrooms

                                            iv.     Parents can contact Lucilla Yira and Michael Thomas with their concerns about over-crowding in our classrooms

                                              v.     What does it mean to be a magnet school in MPS?

                                            vi.     Are our children safe in a building that is built for 600 kids?